What is the Sperm Life and How Long do Sperm Survive?

What is the Sperm Life and How Long do Sperm Survive?

When it comes to infertility issues you need to know what you have to work with. In some cases you have to know how long sperm will be viable after it has been ejaculated. Here we will discuss the different circumstances and I will let you know how long the sperm can live without being in the body. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Sperm lifespan in lab

The life of the sperm after ejaculation truthfully just depends on the situation. If you are doing this in a doctor’s office or fertility clinic they will have a very sterile controlled environment and will be able to immediately refrigerate it. In this circumstance the sperm will be alive for weeks after the fact. This allows the clinic to use it for tests or to implant into the female at a later date after the bad ones have been removed.

Frozen sperm

If you are using a long term storage facility for future pregnancies and the sperm is frozen within a few hours of ejaculation then the sperm will live for years with little to no fall back. However, if you are using more of an at home method and then transporting the sperm to the doctor office you need to do so quickly. The sperm “might” live in the semen for a couple of hours. (Semen is the fluid that the sperm comes out with.)

Inside the female body

Really the only other circumstance that has been tested is the natural, inside the vagina. When the sperm enters the uterus, it can live for up to five days in the cervical mucus assuming that all else is healthy with the sperm and mucus. That means that if you have intercourse a couple of days prior to ovulation then there is a chance that you can still become pregnant.

Fertility treatments

In the fertility treatment methods it is best to do that at the doctor’s office or the fertility clinic due to the fact that they have the resources to care for and store the sperm properly. Speak to your doctor about your options with this.

Lifespan longer if healthier

Inevitably, the life span of the sperm outside of the testicles depends on so many factors. The temperature, pH factor, what it is being held in and even how healthy you are as an individual. If you have low sperm count with low mobility, then your sperm will not live as long as someone with a healthy body and hormones. Keep your health in mind when you are working on becoming pregnant.

Increase sperm count

On a side note; there are ways to increase your sperm count and help it to be overall healthier.

• Eat healthier
• No smoking
• No drinking
• No drugs

Same simple things we have had drilled into our heads since we were all in middle school. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

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