Snooki Supports Kim Kardashian’s Weight Gain in New Book

Snooki Supports Kim Kardashian's Weight Gain in New Book

Best Buds In The Making?

It might seem like the odd couple of the century, but Snooki is reaching out to Kim Kardashian and standing up for Kim and other celeb moms who are ridiculed for their weight gain during pregnancy. Snooki’s got a new book coming out, called “Baby Bumps”, where she tells all about her pregnancy and celebrity pregnancies in general. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Snooki famously transformed her body and got herself into great shape, and now, in her new book she is speaking out about the pressure that celeb moms feel to stay in perfect shape before, during and after pregnancy. You go girl!

Letting ‘Em Have It

Snooki isn’t known for her tact, and she pulls no punches in her new book while giving everyone the scoop! Here’s what she says:

“So much is made in the media about celebrity pregnancy weight gain,” Snooki writes. “Some women have been mocked cruelly for it. Tabloid monitoring of how fast women lose the baby weight is practically a blood sport. If you weren’t on the cover of In Touch in a bikini within two months of giving birth to talk about your salsa workout, you were a fat, lazy loser. Just look at how Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian were tracked and criticized in the media. Awful! Worrying about weight gain made the nine months even harder. The one bright spot of pregnancy was eating whatever you wanted.”

She’s Been There

Snooki is no stranger to ridicule and scrutiny. The media has always had an obsession with her, and it was no different during her pregnancy. However, after baby Lorenzo was born in August of 2012, Snooki rapidly and dramatically dropped a ton of weight and got into amazing shape.

However, since the end of Jersey Shore, Snooki has chosen to stay mostly out of the public eye. She has written a couple of books, and now she is a super busy mommy to baby Lorenzo. In fact, she posted an adorable picture of her New Year’s Eve at home with her little man!

No matter how much ridicule she had to put up with, we think she’d agree that it was all worth it to end up with that adorable little guy! Congrats to Snooki, Jionni and Lorenzo, and we can’t wait to read all of the other secrets that Snooki is sure to share in her new book, which will be out in just a few weeks!

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