Single Mom of Twins Survival Guide

Single Mom of Twins Survival Guide

Being a single mom is tough. Having twins is tough. Being a single mom of twins, well, that is just a superpower! Sometimes it can feel like no one knows what you are going through as a single mom of twins, but we have a few tips to share that might make things easier! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Never Turn Down Help

If someone offers to help you out, never turn it down! Whether it’s your mom, sister, neighbor across the hall, or an old friend you haven’t talked to in forever, take people up on their offers! No one is super mom, and no one should have to try to be! If someone offers to let you nap, take your babies for a walk, pitch in on cleaning your house, or just give you a much needed break, don’t be afraid to say “okay” and take them up on it! It takes a village, right?

Look Into Assistance

There are quite a few government programs out there for single moms to help make things easier. The child care assistance program is a lifesaver for many moms who have to work and need to make sure that they find quality child care for their little ones. Many moms wouldn’t be able to go to work and earn an income without this help. Also, look into local churches, day care centers, etc. Many offer “mothers day out” programs that can give you a much needed break, if only for a couple of hours a week.

Find support.. wherever it may be

Look into mom’s groups in your area. Many cities have multiple groups, single mom groups, etc. That way you will have some people to hang out with and share experiences with that know exactly what you are going through. Even online communities, support groups and message boards can be a great resource when you feel alone. Having a support system in place to help you when you need an ear or just to vent is a great thing to have.

Keep Your Head Up

Being a single mom to twins is definitely not easy. In fact, it will probably be one of the hardest things you ever do. But, it is all worth it in the end. People do what they have to do to make it through, and for single moms, adapting is key.

You will learn to sleep when your babies sleep, do things with one hand or even no hands (babywearing is your friend!). The bottom line? You will be stronger than you ever thought possible, and you will have such a close bond with your babies. Remember that everything gets easier in time, and this is one of those things too.

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Brittany Null
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