Signs that My Unborn Baby is Under Stress

Signs that My Unborn Baby is Under Stress

Is Unborn Baby Under Stress?

Every mother wants to protect her child. This is natural maternal instinct and it starts right from pregnancy, even before the baby is born. When she is in the womb too, mothers feel protective. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It is this protective instinct that drives them into finding out whether their baby is fine in the womb. If you are worried about it and simply can’t stop being concerned, it is ideal to learn about the various stages of pregnancy and the development of your baby in each stage.

Additionally, as you enter the last trimester of your pregnancy, you should be able to read symptoms of your baby being under stress so that you know when to rush to the doctor for help.

Listed below are some of the signs that show that your unborn baby is under stress.

Heartbeat in an unusual pattern

If you find that her heartbeat is following an unusual pattern and is rising and falling unexpectedly, it may be because she is under stress. If there is a problem with the placenta or the umbilical cord, or if the amniotic fluid is less in quantity, the heart rate of your baby may fluctuate during gestation as well as during the time of birth.

You need to undergo NST or a non-stress test to find out whether your baby is under any stress. This test will help the doctor learn about the heart rate patterns and the movements of the baby. When the baby is sedentary, the heart rate must drop. When the baby is moving, it must increase.

Tracking the heart rate will show whether the baby is under stress or whether it was just a one-time thing and the baby is completely fine. If the baby is under stress, measures will be taken to deliver the baby sooner.

Unusually still or moving very little

As you reach the end of your gestation period, the movements of the baby will go down. This may be because she has grown very large now and she does not have space to move. However, if the baby is unusually still or if she is moving very little, it may be something that you should be concerned about.

The reason behind this may be that she is not getting adequate oxygen supply. In this case you will need to reach the doctor at once. If the umbilical cord wraps around the baby, for example, things can be very problematic and movement can be restricted.

Vaginal bleeding

If you experience vaginal bleeding while you are pregnant, the reason may be that your unborn child is under stress. Such bleeding is usually caused due to problems with the placenta. Whether the problem puts the child at risk depends on the severity of the problem and the location of the problem.

Placental abruption may also cause vaginal bleeding and this calls for the doctor’s attention immediately. You will need to deliver the baby earlier in this case. Also, any and every kind of bleeding during pregnancy should be reported to the doctor immediately.

Go to your doctor

If you identify any of these signs, you should go to the doctor and see if your baby is under any kind of stress. Neglecting these signs can cause a lot of trouble for your baby.

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