Pregnancy Signs of Labor

Pregnancy Signs of Labor

The classic sign of labor is regular contractions but you should know that contractions are not the only sign. There are many other symptoms and signs that go unnoticed before regular contractions. If you can catch these signs, you will be able to prepare much better for the upcoming labor and birth of your child. So what are these signs and symptoms? Read on to find out. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


You will have a sudden surge of motherly feelings. You will feel the constant urge to prepare yourself and your house for the baby. You have a sudden burst of energy a few days before labor and birth. This emotional urge is a sure shot sign that you are going to go into labor soon.

Medical professionals will, however, not admit you in the maternity ward just because you are nesting. You will experience this emotional urge towards the end of your last trimester mostly.


Lightening is when your baby drops into your pelvic cavity. You will feel like your baby is much lower than before and when you sit down, it will feel like your baby is curled up directly on your pelvis. You will also be able to breathe more freely after the baby drops because the pressure on your lungs will be lifted. If you experience lightening, you can be sure that you will go into labor soon.

Mucus plug opening

Many women report that they lose their mucus plug before labor. Mucus plug is truly a plug, which is present on the cervix’s opening. Losing it indicates that your cervix is preparing for the delivery of your baby.


In your last trimester you will experience all kinds of pains. One such pain is caused due to Braxton-Hicks contractions. You will have a cramp-like feeling when you feel these contractions. These don’t signify active labor but you can be sure that labor is on its way.

Water breaking

Many people don’t know what the water is. Water is nothing but a bag or balloon of water in which the baby lives and grows. Prior to contractions you will feel your water break. It will feel like you are leaking because the fluid will escape from your birth canal. You will feel it significantly.


If you start feeling regular contractions whose frequency keeps increasing, know that you are going to be a mom very soon. Don’t mistake them as cramps. These are indeed regular contractions. They are regular because you will feel them at timed intervals.

They will start off by being about fifteen minutes apart and soon they will only be a couple of minutes apart from each other. You will feel these contractions no matter what you do. You shouldn’t try walking or changing your position in a bid to alleviate the contractions. Just let them come in waves, embracing them, knowing your baby is on its way.

If you feel these signs, know that labor will follow soon. Other symptoms may include backache, stomach upset, and soft bowel movements. Talk to your doctor immediately if you feel all these signs.

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Dr. Renee Hanton, MD
Dr. Renee Hanton, MD | ConceiveEasy
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