Side Effects of Common Fertility Drugs

on Feb 09, 2013

by Alyssia Granger

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While common fertility drugs like Clomid, Parlodel, Lupron, and Zoladex are all approved by the FDA, they do pack some pretty serious side effects with them.

When you begin trying to conceive you never think it will take as long or be so difficult that you have to seek medical help for it. But once you take that big step it gets easier for you, or so that is what you would like to think. The fertility tests roll in and those are simple enough; a little violating feeling but easy to accomplish. Then the drugs to help the process, this is where it gets a little more difficult. Depending on what is wrong with your reproductive system will depend which drug your doctor will put you on. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


Clomid is used to help ovulation disorders. While this drug usually does work in accomplishing ovulation within the first six months of using it; there are a ton of side effects that many users will complain of having. Here are the most common side effects:

*Hot Flashes
*Severe Mood Swings
*Ovarian Cysts
*Multiple Births
*Blurred Vision
*Pelvic Irritation
*Breast Tenderness

As you can see, some of these are more serious side effects, while others are tolerable and worth it to have a little one. Another drug similar to Clomid is known as Serophene has identical side effect warnings.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is another well known ovulation drug that is used when trying to conceive. Just as in any other medications there are side effects to taking this drug as well. These are not nearly as serious as the effects of Clomid but you should still be aware in case of it getting severe.

*Multiple Births
*Swelling at Injection Site
*Breast Tenderness
*Enlarged Ovaries
*Mood Swings

Parlodel and Dostinex

Parlodel and Dostinex are oral medications that can be taken to treat your ovulation problems as well. The side effects of these drugs are also identical.

*Nasal Congestion
*Low Blood Pressure

Again, these may not be as severe side effects as from Clomid, however; they are to be taken seriously as well.

Lupron and Zoladex

Lupron and Zoladex is another set of fertility treating drugs that have identical side effects. The Lupron is injected just below the skin; whereas Zoladex is used in the form of a nasal spray. These are used to treat premature ovulation.

*Hot Flashes
*Bone Loss
*Vaginal Dryness
*Mood Swings
*Smaller Breast Size
*Uncomfortable/Painful Intercourse

While these medications are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) they do pack some pretty serious side effects with them. But as with all medications, you may or may not have these side effects. If you experience one of these side effects regularly or severely please seek immediate medical attention. It is important that prior to taking these medications you tell your doctor what you are taking, or have taken in the past two months. Also inform your doctor if you begin taking something new while on these medications as well.

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Alyssia is mom to 2 giggley twin girls, Sophia and Emma, and son Hunter. She's a Southern girl, passionate about photography, travel and her husband Josh.

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