Should I Just Stop Taking Pills If Trying to Conceive?

Should I Just Stop Taking The Pill If I Want to Conceive?

So, you have decided that you want to get pregnant! Congratulations! Trying to conceive can be a wonderful, albeit stressful time during a woman’s life. Most women don’t realize that there is more to getting pregnant than simply going off of the birth control pill. Here are a few things to remember if you are trying to conceive. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It isn’t instant

Even if you go off the pill, do not plan to get pregnant right away. It can take awhile for a woman’s cycle to get back to normal, especially if she was on the pill for a long time beforehand. A woman’s cycle doesn’t just go back to the way it was right away.

So, if you are on the pill currently, plan on it taking a while to become pregnant. Of course, some women can become pregnant just by missing a single pill. Each woman’s body is different and will react differently to going off of the birth control pill.

It may be best to wait

Most doctors suggest waiting one to three months after going off of the pill before trying to get pregnant. This is to ensure that your baby isn’t exposed to any leftover chemicals from the birth control pill that might hurt them. Some doctors think that having a baby right away after going off of the pill can put a baby at risk for a number of complications.

For this reason, most doctors recommend using a condom or another form of birth control until you have at least one normal period after going off of the pill. This will ensure that your body is cleared of all the damaging chemicals that could be found in birth control pills.

Know when to see a doctor

If, after going off the pill, you have been off of the pill for at least three months and you do not see a return of your normal periods, or you are not able to get pregnant, you might want to see a doctor for a routine check up.

Your doctor can do some simple tests to ensure that you are okay, and make sure there are no problems or issues that could stand in the way of you getting pregnant. Don’t be afraid of visiting your doctor for a routine checkup just to make sure that everything is okay.

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Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD
Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD | ConceiveEasy
Dr. Prabha Sahgal MD, is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and subspecialty board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Dr. Sahgal holds a B.S. degree from MIT in molecular biology and currently serves on the ConceiveEasy board of directors.