Shettles Method for Gender Selection in 7 Steps

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The Shettles Method is basically you trying to influence conception toward a specific gender using a series of methods based on the X and Y chromosomes. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Now, you typically hear some controversy surrounding the Shettles Method with credibility and morality. But I personally have used it twice and had success both times. We had a girl and we had a boy. It worked so well that I was actually scared to read too much into my chart with my third baby as we wanted a surprise gender. 

So the way that the Shettles Method works is you want to set up the conception to favor either a girl or a boy based on the different characteristics of the X and Y chromosomes.

Okay, so you have two different chromosome carrying sperm. You have your Y chromosome sperm and your X chromosome carrying sperm. Your Y are the boys and your X are the girls. Now in theory, the boys:

1. Die quicker
2. They are smaller in size
3. But they are faster

So the girls are going to be opposite, right? They are going to:

1. Be bigger
2. They’re going to be slower
3. And they are going to live longer

Now the reason for that is they are able to withstand an acidic environment before the cervical mucus actually, before fertile cervical mucus starts to take place.


Want a boy? Time intercourse close to ovulation

According to the Shettles Method, to conceive a boy, you need to time intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. Now the reason for this is because they are so much faster than the girl sperm, it gives them a more likelihood of fertilizing the egg before the girl sperm would. So this means you would want to abstain from intercourse 4 or 5 days before ovulation which would be best for the girls.

Shettles Method


Want a boy? Deep penetration

Another tip according to the Shettles Method is using deep penetration. They recommend using rear entry, or as most of us refer to it as “doggy style.” The idea behind this, is that since the sperm will be deposited as close to the cervix as possible, that’s less distance traveled, which is friendly to the boy sperm, not the girl. And because it is already at the cervix, it’s in an environment where the cervical mucus is most friendly to the boy sperm, not the girl sperm.


Want a boy? Men avoid wearing tighty whities

Men want to avoid wearing tight clothes in general. It’s not good for either sperm. But it is more likely to kill off the boy sperm over the girl sperm, since they are smaller and less protected.


Want a boy? Orgasm together

Now, the last tip to the Shettles Method, is that the women orgasm directly before or at the same time as their male partner. Now the idea behind this is that the female orgasm can increase the alkaline secretions in the vagina, making it more favorable for a boy, not a girl.

orgasm together to get pregnant with a boy


Want a girl? Time intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation

Next, we have the Shettles Method tips when you are trying to conceive a girl. The first tip to how to conceive a girl is that you want to have sex 2-3 days before ovulation. And then, avoid intercourse just before ovulation, up to 2 days after ovulation. Now, the idea behind this is that only the girl sperm will be left, waiting to fertilize the egg.

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Want a girl? Try the missionary position

The next tip according to the Shettles Method is using the missionary position due to its shallow penetration. The idea behind this is that since girl sperm live longer than boy sperm, the further it’s deposited from the cervix, the more likelihood that a girl sperm will fertilize the egg over a boy sperm.


Want a girl? Refrain from the big ‘O’

Now the last tip according to the Shettles Method is that the woman does not have an orgasm during intercourse. The idea behind this is that since the X chromosome carrying sperm (the girls) are more likely to survive an acidic cervical environment over the boys, they have a bigger advantage.

Recap – Shettles Method

Okay, so I know that was like a lot of information to take in, so let’s just do a quick recap:

TIP #1: Timing of Intercourse
• Okay, so for timing of intercourse, closer to ovulation = BOY.
• And further from ovulation within your fertile window = GIRL.

TIP #2: Sexual Position
• The deeper the penetration, the better for a BOY.
• And the more shallow the penetration, the better for a GIRL.

Tip #3: To ‘O’ or not to ‘O’
• And then the last you have is orgasm. For a female to have an orgasm is better for a BOY.
• And for a female to NOT have an orgasm, due to the vaginal secretions, it’s better for a GIRL.

Now you know what to do in order to increase your chances of having either a boy or a girl- whatever sex you prefer. However, you just learned about the mechanics of what to do. In order to be really successful, you not only need to know when you are ovulating, but you need to know the foods to eat in order to help those odds really be in your favor as well.

However, let’s start off with determining when you are the most fertile in your cycle. If you haven’t started trying to conceive yet, then this is the time to start finding out when you are the most fertile. The first step to take is to get a body basal thermometer so you can start taking your temperature each morning- before you even attempt to get out of bed.

BBT thermometer and charting

That is because, in order to get an accurate temperature, you must minimize movement as much as possible. That means to put the thermometer on your nightstand within reach. Once your temperature registers, note it on graph paper and keep doing this until you see a peak in the temperature which would be less than 1 degree Fahrenheit. That is when you have ovulated.

However, don’t start this process until you get your period, and start taking your temperature on Day 1 of your cycle. And do this for 3 months because you will see a pattern of when in your cycle you are ovulating. In conjunction with doing this, you can also check your cervical mucus consistency.

Once your period is over, you can start checking your cervical mucus, and you will find that it is scant and dry. However, as the cycle progresses, the mucus becomes cloudy and sticky until 2-3 days before ovulation, it will become abundant with a consistency of egg whites. That is when you are fertile, and this cervical mucus consistency is quite fertile.

Egg white cervical mucus

Therefore, this means if you want to have a girl, start having sex the moment you start to notice this particular change in your cervical mucus- while you already see that you are 3 days off from ovulating. If you want to be safe, you can have sex 5 days before ovulation as the sperm can stay in your tract for days, especially the female sperm.  But you will also want to have sex the moment you see the fertile consistency in your cervical mucus.

If you want to have a boy, then you will want to have sex ideally 24 hours before you ovulate as you will have an abundance of fertile cervical mucus at this point. Therefore, in order to increase your chances of having a boy or a girl, you need to know exactly when you are ovulating.

You may also want to get an ovulation prediction kit if you want to conceive a boy as well. The kit will confirm that you are ovulating within the next 24 to 48 hours by indicating that there is an LH surge (luteinizing hormone). However, that is optional, especially if you notice that you are ovulating consistently on a certain day in your cycle based on the pattern you noticed from taking your temperature.

how to get pregnant with a girl

And even though the correct timing is critical when it comes to increasing your odds drastically of having either a boy or a girl. But diet is also just as important. This means, if you want a boy, you have to eat foods that will help you create an alkaline environment. If you want a girl, you need to create an environment that is more acidic.

Therefore, if you want to have a boy, you will need to eat plenty of bananas, potatoes, spinach, Brussel sprouts, avocados, pine nuts, cherries, almonds, and bread! You will also want to drink a cup of coffee before having sex or have some chocolate. Have your man do the same. A small amount of caffeine will help give the boy sperm a boost!

If you want a girl, you will need to make your body more acidic which will support the female sperm. That means you can eat sweets (but in moderation, too much sugar can hamper your ovulation),  and consume plenty of dairies such as whole milk, full-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, and other low-sodium cheeses.

Take dairy if you want to get pregnant with a girl

You will also want to eat plenty of eggs, flaxseeds, figs, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Have plenty of oranges and orange juice as well. Berries will help increase the odds, as well as meat consumption. You will want to also eat Brazil nuts, oatmeal, black beans, and turnip greens to increase your chances of having a girl as well.

That also means if you want to have a girl, you will need to avoid caffeine and stay away from chocolate. That will be difficult to do especially if you are a coffee lover. But caffeine and potassium-rich foods will end up causing your environment to become more alkaline which is not the best environment for girl sperm to thrive in.

That also means no more bananas at this point either.

However just remember that there are many factors that can influence whether you do end up having a boy or a girl. Following the Shettles Method will really increase your odds, but again there is no guarantee.

X and Y Chromosome sperms

You need to look at your partner’s family on the men’s side. You need to see if he has mostly brothers or only brothers, or if his father had only and mostly brothers, and if his paternal grandfather did as well. If that is the case, then the odds are greater that you will have a boy. That is a sign that the sperm with the Y-chromosome is dominant and stronger. The reverse is also true.

Your partner may have sisters, and he may only have aunts who are his father’s sisters, and his paternal grandfather may have had sisters. However, if there is a mix of boys and girls on his father’s side and paternal grandfather’s side, then the odds of the Shettles Method working are better for you!

And essentially, it’s as simple as that. Until next time ladies, see you later. Bye!

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