Secrets to Get Pregnant Fast: Top 5

Secrets to Get Pregnant Fast: Top 5

So, you want to get pregnant, and you want to do it fast? Well, today we are going to try to give you some hints, tips and secrets that might help you get pregnant faster. Okay, well none of these are really secrets, but maybe we will at least suggest something that you haven’t thought about yet, and it will help you! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Start tracking

And Charting. And Temperature Taking. And all of that stuff. Better understanding of your body, your cycles, and all of that fun scientific stuff will really help you to know what days are your most fertile. This will help you to decide when is the best time for you to try to get pregnant. You can find tons of info about how to chart your cycles and take your basal body temperature online, and you can buy affordable and effective over the counter ovulation predictor kits at your local drugstore.

See your doctor

Your doctor can help you with some tips for getting pregnant, as well as doing the necessary testing to see if you have anything in your family history or your partner’s family history that could be a problem for you to get pregnant. Your doctor can also recommend things such as prenatal vitamins, etc. that you can start taking before you try to get pregnant that will get your body ready to be a mommy.

Plan in advance

Go off of your birth control in advance in order to be more fertile. Stop smoking and/or drinking well in advance of beginning to try to get pregnant. Try to start taking vitamins and supplements that can help your body be great at growing a baby. Also plan ahead to know when you ovulate, and try to have sex one to two days PRIOR to that date for the best chance at conceiving.

Don’t worry

No matter what it is, try not to stress. Don’t worry about which position is best, or if your body temperature is perfect, or if you should have had sex two hours ago instead of when you did. Try to relax and let your body do it’s thing. Stressing can actually make it more difficult to conceive, so remember that!

No lube, please

Lubricants can actually kill your guy’s sperm. Remember that when buying any over the counter chemical or water based lubes. Use warm water if you have to use something, but try to use your own natural lubrication instead of anything else.

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