Secret Baby for 16 & Pregnant’s Sarah Roberts

'16 & Pregnant' Star Sarah Roberts had her Second Baby in Secret

The secret’s out!

Talk about keeping a secret! Sarah Roberts, of Teen Mom Season 4, recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl on October 1, 2013. But the real shocker? Sarah kept her pregnancy a secret while filming the “Teen Mom Season Four: Where Are They Now? Reunion” special, all while she was 6 months pregnant! Crazy! Sarah and her boyfriend Justin welcomed a new baby girl, named Tessly, and Sarah describes her as “pure perfection”. But, man, that is a huge secret to keep, especially in front of all those TV cameras! However, Sarah has always been really tiny, so for her, hiding a pregnancy was probably not really that hard. If you actually go back and look closely at the footage from the reunion, you can clearly see her baby bump, but no one was looking for it before! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

A big shock

Sarah revealed that her second pregnancy came as a huge shock. She actually considered adoption, but then decided that she “couldn’t go through with it”. She ultimately decided to keep the baby, and gave birth to Tessly through a VBAC on October 1. (Sarah’s ex, and the father of her daughter Tinleigh, also has a brand new baby as well!) As for why she decided to keep the pregnancy secret? She explained her reasons, well sort of…

“I didn’t want negative comments about an innocent child,” Sarah told “The Ashley’s Reality Roundup” “She didn’t deserve that.”

Harsh fans

Apparently, some so-called fans of the show have been harassing Sarah and giving her a hard time because of the large age difference between her and her boyfriend, Justin. Sarah has a two-year-old daughter, Tinleigh, with her ex, Blake Thomas, but she has moved on and is very happy with her current boyfriend, Justin. Fans of the show have really been criticizing her and making her feel bad, and she didn’t want them talking about her baby’s father like that. Apparently, the age difference between the two is really not nearly as big as everyone is making it out to be, and as long as the two are happy and taking great care of the girls, then what does it really matter anyway? Congratulations to Sarah and Justin, along with big sister Tinleigh on the arrival of new baby Tessly! We wish them all lots of luck and happiness!

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