Scary Spice a.k.a. Mel B & Baby Girl Madison

Scary Spice a.k.a. Mel B & Baby Girl Madison

Mel B’s Madison

Everybody’s favorite Scary Spice Girl, Melanie Brown, a.k.a. Mel B, has a real cutie on her hands in the form of baby girl Madison, now almost two years old. Miss Mel B gave birth to Madison in September 2011, but it was almost three weeks before anyone found out her name. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Why? That’s because Mel B and hubby Stephen Belafonte gave the honor of naming the baby to Melanie’s 13 year old daughter Phoenix. Apparently it took the big sister quite a while to decide on the perfect name, because it wasn’t announced until three weeks later! But, we have to agree that she did a great job of picking a good name for her sister!

One proud mom!

We’ve been seeing little Miss Madison out and about a lot lately, and she is just as cute as her two older sisters, Phoenix (age 13, daughter of Jimmy Gulzar), and Angel Iris (age 5, daughter of Eddie Murphy). The former Spice Girls star is always tweeting pics of her beautiful daughters to keep all of us updated on how adorable they are, and we are thinking we will be seeing a lot more of them now, since it was announced a few weeks ago that Mel B will be the newest judge on America’s Got Talent, replacing Sharon Osbourne, who is leaving the show.

Mel and her judging career

It remains to be seen how the former Scary Spice will be received here in the good ole US of A as a reality show judge. Mel has been in hot water for her reality show judging before, when she appeared as a guest judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

Her harsh comments left an 82 year old contestant in tears. “I wanted to fall asleep through that, I’m sorry I have to be honest. It’s a no,” Mel B told Louis Dilke. Her fellow judges pleaded with her to be a little more kind to the participants, but Mel was relentless, giving them nothing but brutal honesty the whole way through. We can’t wait to see how she’ll be on America’s Got Talent, especially since she is taking the place of the always tactful, sweet Sharon.

Whatever role that Melanie decides to play on the show, we know that she will always have the #1 role for all three of her little ladies! We’re looking forward to watching little Madison grow up and become a beautiful young lady just like her sisters and her mommy! Now perhaps she would like to find out how to increase chances of conceiving a boy to add to her brood!

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