Ryan Seacrest Splits with Julianne Hough

Ryan Seacrest Splits with Julianne Hough

Shocking Breakup

In Hollywood, breakups happen all the time. It is really rare that a breakup surprises or shocks the world, but this one was an exception. After three years together, and a very serious relationship that looked to be heading towards marriage, Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest have officially split up.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

At a charity event a few days ago, Ryan was asked about his relationship status by a young fan. He confirmed everyone’s suspicions when he said: ‘The answer is actually no, I am single’.

What Caused It?

Apparently, the split was amicable, and the two are still on good terms with each other. We have been hearing rumors for a few weeks now that the couple were no longer living together, and now it looks like we know that is true.

Sources close to the couple say that their busy schedules just proved to be too much, and that they could no longer go on trying to pursue a relationship that they just simply didn’t have time for. According to reports, Julianne just “couldn’t handle” Ryan’s crazy work schedule.

There is no arguing that Seacrest works nonstop, and he has always been that way. Julianne has been enjoying much more success recently and she has been busy as well, but sources say she just couldn’t handle being second to Ryan’s work.

On The Rebound?

One very strange thing that has been noted since the breakup is that Julianne seems to have taken a liking to partying quite a bit. She has been spotted out on the town almost every night since the two split!

Some are even suggesting that it might not have been those “hectic schedules” that caused the breakup, but Julianne’s partying ways! There is a rumor going around that Ryan wasn’t fond of Julianne going out all the time and he tried to keep her at home more than she wanted to be.

Julianne is only 24 after all, and it is natural for her to want to go out on the town. But, for Ryan, who is 38, partying just isn’t something on his radar anymore. So what was the real reason for this couple’s split? Nobody can say for sure!

Staying Friends?

Sources close to the couple tell us that they are still friends, and are planning to remain in contact. That remains to be seen. I guess we can gauge whether or not they stay in touch with each other to tell us a little more about their breakup. I would think that if they are just breaking up due to their hectic schedules that they will stay in touch. However, if it really is more about partying… they might not stay good friends after all. We guess that time will tell!

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