Is It Safe To Run While Trying To Become Pregnant?

on Nov 04, 2012

Lindsey Zaldivar

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Running and Getting Pregnant

Everything in moderation, especially when it comes to running and getting pregnant. Too much of a good thing can affect fertility, ovulation and getting pregnant.

Everything in moderation. It’s the age old adage that we hear used to describe everything, but there really is some truth to this long recommended advice. Especially when it comes to running and getting pregnant. Did you know that women who are intense runners have been shown to have some problems with keeping their periods regular, leading to difficulty getting pregnant? Periods in women who are very athletic can become irregular and sometimes even cease altogether, causing a lot of problems for women who want to get pregnant. On the other side of the spectrum, women who are overweight or obese can also have trouble getting pregnant. So, what is the answer, you ask? Moderation. Everything in moderation. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Cut down on running

If you are a runner who is having trouble keeping your menstrual cycle regular, you might want to cut down on your running while you are trying to conceive, in order to help regulate your periods and give yourself a better chance of conceiving. If your periods have become irregular or absent altogether, you should dramatically cut down on your running and seek the advice of a doctor who can help give you tips for getting pregnant while still remaining physically active.

Ovulate with no period

You can still ovulate without your period though; it will be harder to tell when it is time to ovulate. You might want to invest in an over the counter ovulation predictor kit to help you determine when you are ovulating, especially if your periods are irregular. Once you are able to get your periods back on track you should have no problems getting pregnant, and there is no evidence to show that you will have long term fertility issues that can not be reversed once your periods return to normal.

Moderation is the key

Staying active and fit is very important, and can help you to get pregnant, as long as it is in moderation. You have to keep yourself somewhere in the middle. Not too lethargic and lazy, but you can’t overdo it with the exercise and fitness routine either. Your doctor can give you advice on whether or not your fitness routine is too much for your body to handle on top of trying to conceive, and can help you decide whether or not you need to cut back. You should definitely seek the help of a doctor if you are not ovulating according to an over the counter ovulation predictor kit or if you have been trying to conceive for a year or more with no luck.

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Is It Safe To Run While Trying To Become Pregnant?, 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

Lindsey lives in Roselle, Illinois with her husband and son Harry. In between keeping up with a busy toddler, she enjoys blogging about parenting, cooking, crafting at The Accidental Wallflower.

  • nana886

    i been trying to get pregnant for a year,wat can i do……

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  • AudreyHansen

    I’ve been off bc for 2years now and still cannot conceive. And to everyone else it happens so naturally I need help

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  • Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD

    It takes time for a woman to conceive after she’s been off birth control. Some women are able to conceive after 3-6 months, some may take up to more than a year. It is because the constant hormone level that suppresses ovulation stops. Your body has to start its own hormone production and may sometimes need some time to regain its normal rhythm. You can boost your fertility and balance your hormones naturally by eating right, exercising regularly and avoiding stress.

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  • Dr. Christine Lee, MD

    There is a good possibility that you might be experiencing infertility issues, knowing that you have been trying to conceive for a year already. It is best that you see your doctor and have your body’s fertility assess in order for you to find out if you’re experiencing underlying infertility issues. With this, your doctor can as well prescribe you with the proper medications that can help you treat these issues.

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  • Mk

    I’m 39 and trying to get pregnant with my 2nd child. The first happened really easy but this time it’s taking more time. We’ve been trying for a few months now. I do run 35 plus miles a week and I have regular periods. I should be ovulating starting today, any suggestions? Thank you

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