Rubbing Pregnant Bellies Might be Illegal

Rubbing Pregnant Bellies Might be Illegal

Hands Off!

It’s something that both moms and moms to be everywhere can’t stand. Now, lawmakers in Pennsylvania are trying to decide if touching a pregnant woman’s belly is actually an illegal offense. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here 

Yes, seriously. A Cumberland County, Pennsylvania man is reportedly facing harassment charges after rubbing the belly of a pregnant woman who was his neighbor. Apparently, the man, named Richard J. Beishline, age 57, went to the home of his pregnant neighbor.

While there, he hugged the woman and rubbed her pregnant belly “against her will”. The woman apparently pushed him away, and he left. After the man had left, the woman called the police.

Harassment Charges

The man is being charged with harassment. While officials say that it is not technically illegal to touch a pregnant woman’s belly, if she is not okay with it, the person doing it can be charged with harassment. “Any time you harass, annoy, alarm another and there’s touching involved without consent, someone can be charged with harassment,” Pittsburgh-based attorney Phil DiLucente said.

He went on to add however, that he doesn’t know of any other time that this harassment charge has been applied in the case of a pregnant woman’s belly. “It’s extremely rare and uncommon,” said DiLucente. “I have never heard or saw this ever being found.””This might be the first of its kind,” he added.

A Summary Offense

Law officials in Pennsylvania say that cases like this are usually referred to as summary offenses. This means that the offense is not a misdemeanor or a felony. The accused person will be summoned to court, where they will have to appear in front of a judge, and plead guilty or not guilty to the offense.

Most of the time, these offenses are simply just paid and there is no time served or probation or anything like that. As for the case in Pennsylvania, lawmakers there say that the complaint has been filed, but that the offender has not been served the complaint officially, and he has not yet appeared in court. We will continue to follow this story and will be sure to update with what comes of it.

Is This Okay?

Is the fact that it is possible to charge someone with harassment for touching a pregnant woman’s belly fair, or is it taking things too far? It is completely understandable to not want strangers to touch your belly while you are pregnant, and it is a little bit rude and imposing of folks to do it anyway.

But, an illegal offense? Is that taking things a bit too far? Or is this warranted? What do you guys think? We would love to hear real women’s opinions on the subject! Most of us have been subjected to this treatment at some point, and it definitely can be annoying, but do you feel like it should be a crime?

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Dr. Renee Hanton, MD
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