Rihanna Tops 100 Hottest Women Right Now List

Rihanna Tops 100 Hottest Women Right Now List

What An Honor

Rihanna got another well deserved ego boost when she was named Complex Magazine’s #1 Hottest Woman Right Now. RiRi is no stranger to topping all the charts, whether it be for music, being beautiful, or just being a hot topic right now!  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

She’s already the pop artist with the most #1 hits in Billboard HISTORY, and she’s busy traveling the world right now on her bigger than life Diamonds tour, but the awards and recognition for Rihanna just keep piling up! We can’t say that we blame them for giving her the props that she deserves!

Busy Girl

When she’s not touring the world on her fifth tour, she’s designing clothes, making music, posting to her Instagram account, making headlines, selling tabloids, and even starring in movies. The thing about Rihanna? She’s everywhere! If you hate her, you better just deal with it because the girl is everywhere!

Her personal life might make good tabloid fodder, what with her on again off again relationship with Chris Brown, and being told she’s “not pretty enough” by troubled child star Amanda Bynes, but Rihanna isn’t going to let her haters get her down. She just keeps going further, reaching higher, and leaving them all in the dust! Keep on hating, because Rihanna doesn’t care!

Stiff Competition

The rise to the top of the 100 Hottest Women Right Now list wasn’t an easy one. RiRi beat out other hot starts like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lawrence. Alison Brie was #2 on the list, followed by Jennifer Lawrence at #3, and Beyonce at #4. Other hot names on the list? Kerry Washington, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and more. So, what makes these women on the list so hot?

What Makes Her Hot?

According to the magazine, “You just know that there’s something about these individuals that’s mesmerizing, both in their chosen careers and in their interests outside of their work.”

We couldn’t agree more! Congrats to Rihanna on yet another accomplishment!

Whether it be her personal life, her sexy style, hot body, wonderful musical accomplishments, world tour, clothing line, or anything else that gets people talking about her, you can’t deny that this girl has got it going on! We know that whatever she decides to do, she will continue to be successful!

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