Reggie Bush Parties 3 Weeks After Baby’s Birth

Reggie Bush Parties in Vegas Three Weeks after Baby's Birth

Letting Loose

Nobody knows more about letting off steam than a brand new dad, and three weeks after his daughter’s birth, Reggie Bush was busy letting off some serious steam in Las Vegas. Rumor has it it is a Memorial Day tradition for Reggie to party in Vegas and get in a little rest and relaxation. We know he can certainly use it with that new baby in the house! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

On His Own

Reggie left his fiancee’ Lilit Avagyan and new baby girl Briesis at home this past weekend as he headed to Las Vegas to get in some partying time. Don’t hate on Reggie for leaving his new baby’s side just yet! He has been completely head over heels in love with her since the day she was born! Just listen to what he told Us Weekly when they asked him how he was adjusting to being a new dad:

“I look at her and I can’t believe she’s mine,” the NFL player said. “There’s still that element of I can’t believe this came from me. She’s doing great,” Bush added. “She’s amazing. She’s so beautiful. I love her to death. It’s just been an amazing experience so far so I’m very excited — just being a father.”

Well Deserved

So, yes, Reggie did leave the girls at home to head to Vegas, but it’s not because he doesn’t care. It’s obvious that he is a super daddy and he is incredibly in love with that little girl and was so excited to have Lilit get pregnant with a baby girl. His break was a well deserved one. The new daddy was spotted poolside at Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas over the holiday weekend, and already haters have been popping up all over social media, giving Reggie a hard time for leaving Lilit at home with the three week old baby.

No Stranger To Travel

It’s not like Lilit and baby Briesis aren’t going to have to get used to Reggie being away quite often. The NFL star was back in Michigan just a couple of days after his daughter was born in LA to resume his workouts with the Detroit Lions. He recently revealed that he will be staying in Detroit Monday through Thursday, and then fly back to spend the weekend in LA with his family.

It’s going to be hard, but every family, even famous ones, know what it’s like to struggle with time apart! We know that this happy family will be just fine once they get used to their new, and perhaps a little bit more hectic, day to day routine.

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