Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 5 Reunion Preview

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 5 Reunion Preview

Get Ready!

Are you guys ready? It’s almost time for the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Reunion and we can only imagine how much drama is going to be on hand this time around! We do have a few clues as to what is going to go down, and maybe even a few spoilers, so read on to find out what we already know! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Porsha Sings

Things are bound to be dramatic when Porsha attends the reunion, since her (soon to be ex) husband Kordell Stewart filed for divorce only a few days ago. Kordell was noticeably absent when all of the other husbands showed up for the reunion. Rumor has it that we are also going to be hearing Porsha sing, so that should be interesting!

NeNe Calls Out Kandi

There are also some clips showing an interesting exchange between NeNe and Kandi, who haven’t really had that much bad blood between them to date. However, in the reunion special, NeNe admits that some nasty cryptic tweets she sent out about was Kandi. That should make for some interesting conversation! Oh yeah, and don’t worry, apparently Bravo banned the ladies from talking about Kandi and Kim’s lawsuit over “Tardy For The Party”, I guess they know how sick we all were of hearing about that!

Apollo Texting Kenya?

Things are really going to get heated when Kenya and Phaedra get their claws into each other! According to the sneak peaks that we have seen, Kenya tells Phaedra “I’m not the one who had sex with a convicted felon!”, talking about Phaedra’s husband Apollo. Apollo, who looks disgusted, complains that he “can’t stand her,” talking about Kenya. That’s when Kendra apparently really drops a bombshell: “Maybe you should stop texting me then!” WOW! That comment is sure to get some feathers ruffled.

And More!

The action doesn’t stop there. There is one clip which shows NeNe Leaks telling Phaedra that she’s dumb, and who knows what will happen when Kim Zoliack returns after a long absence from the show! And of course, there is still drama to be explored over Phaedra and Kenya’s work on their “Donkey Booty” workout video that ended so very badly. We are sure there will be plenty of name calling to go around during that one!

Tune In

As usual, these ladies have more than the average amount of drama, and this year’s reunion special will be in THREE parts to make sure to cover all of the gossip! Be sure to check it out, because we know everyone will be talking about it!

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