Progesterone Suppositories and Supplementation

Progesterone Suppositories and Supplementation

Why Take Progesterone Supplements?

There are a few reasons why doctors might recommend that you take progesterone supplements when you are trying to conceive. If you have had a blood test done, and your doctor sees that your progesterone levels are low, he or she might recommend progesterone supplements. If you have a short luteal phase, or you are going through IVF treatments, you probably already know about progesterone supplements. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Supplement or Suppository?

The choice as to which one is right, supplement or suppository, is a personal decision. Some doctors say that there is no difference in the results between suppository or supplement. Some doctors think that suppositories are best absorbed by the body.

Sometimes the pills are used as suppositories as well. There are also progesterone creams that are applied with things that are much like tampon applicators. Sometimes doctors give progesterone as intramuscular injections, but usually they like to steer clear of those, since patients usually have more than their fair share of injections during fertility treatments.

Benefits of Progesterone

Some experts agree that progesterone can help maintain a pregnancy once a woman gets pregnant. Progesterone is also often used in conjunction with various pills to get pregnant like Clomid to help induce ovulation.

Sometimes progesterone is used in conjunction with IUI and IVF treatments as well, to help stimulate the ovaries into producing mature eggs. Sometimes, if a woman has been experiencing multiple repeated miscarriages, doctors will recommend progesterone.

Some forms of progesterone has been proven to reduce cancer risk, improve heart health, and even more benefits as well. There are so many different benefits of progesterone treatment, it is no surprise that doctors recommend them to many of their patients. Ask your doctor to find out even more benefits.

Progesterone During Pregnancy

If a woman gets pregnant while on progesterone treatments, it usually doesn’t hurt to continue taking your progesterone supplements during early pregnancy. Your body will naturally produce progesterone during your pregnancy, but it does take a while to build the levels up.

You will need to talk with your doctor to get personalized advice, but for the most part, progesterone should not harm you during early pregnancy. There might be some exceptional cases where your doctor would advise you not to take the progesterone, but you will have to talk with your doctor to make sure.

Sometimes doctors suggest that women take it during early pregnancy just to make sure that everything goes well in the early stages, especially if you have been prone to miscarriages.

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