Pregnant Kickboxer Training Weeks Pre Birth

Pregnant Kickboxer Still Training Just Weeks Before Birth

Still kickin’ it

It’s pretty common for pregnant women to want to stay in shape during their pregnancies, but 31 year old Crystal Green takes it to a whole new level. Crystal is eight months pregnant, and she is a karate champion who also teaches Muay Thai classes from a gym in Hollywood. It’s almost time for her baby to arrive, and Crystal is still hitting the gym and teaching classes, and she’s having a great time doing it! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

A happy surprise

Crystal, who runs “Foxy and Fierce” all female kickboxing boot camps from her Hollywood gym, was training for a bikini contest in March, when she noticed that her weight loss had stalled, and she felt a little bit “off”. After taking a pregnancy test “on a whim”, she was shocked to learn that she was expecting.

While her dreams of competing in the bikini contest were pushed to the wayside, she says it was a “happy surprise”, and she decided that while she might not be able to compete in her bikni contest, she sure wasn’t going to give up kickboxing. She’s been going strong ever since!

Staying active

Crystal’s doctors have stood by her side completely when it comes to her exercising and continuing to teach her classes during her pregnancy, as long as doing so was not causing any problems. Plus, Crystal admits that she likes showing off her growing tummy!

“I never had any morning sickness and I haven’t had any complications, so I’m just free to exercise and everything is normal and good. Aside from gaining more weight than I wanted to, it has been a really good experience. My doctor is a big advocate for fitness during pregnancy. He feels the more you can do the better. I’m not gonna go run a marathon, but my doctor encourages me to continue and to train. I had to step back from my extreme core class recently because it’s a lot of abdominal exercises and a lot of using your own body weight and I did develop a slight strain in my lower abdomen. I stopped teaching that class and the pain went away. That was one thing I had to modify.”


Many women have spoken out after viral videos have surfaced of very pregnant women doing extreme workouts. But, Crystal says that all of her doctors have given her the go-ahead to continue working out as long as she feels like she is able. She is due at the beginning of December, and plans to settle down in a few weeks when the baby comes, but until then, she’s going strong. And, why shouldn’t she be? While doctors advise against any competition style sports or training during pregnancy, all say that what Crystal is doing is completely safe!

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