Pregnant After Having Your Tubes Tied

on Dec 29, 2012

by Michelle Pearson

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Pregnant After Having Your Tubes Tied

Tubal Ligation is a great option for many women who have decided that they do not want to have any more children. But if you change your mind, can you get pregnant after having your tubes tied?

What Is Tubal Ligation?

Tubal Ligation is a great option for many women who have decided that they do not want to have children (or any more children). It is usually considered a permanent form of birth control. Tubal ligation is done by either “clipping” the tubes and tying them closed or burning them closed. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

How effective is tubal ligation?

The success rate for tubal ligation is said to be between 95 and 97 percent effective. This, of course, means that there is a chance of getting pregnant again after having your tubes tied. Doctors say that there is only a very slight risk of becoming pregnant again after tubal ligation. Most say that the risk is between one and three percent. Doctors say that within one year of having a tubal ligation done, about five out of one thousand women will become pregnant. After five years, an average of thirteen out of one thousand women will become pregnant.

Why does pregnancy occur?

Pregnancy is possible after a tubal ligation if the ligation was not done properly, or if you were already pregnant at the time of your ligation surgery. However, those reasons are pretty rare. The most common reasons for a pregnancy after tubal ligation is that the tubes simply “grow back together”. This most commonly occurs if your doctor used the “clipping” method rather than the burning method.

What if you get pregnant after tubal ligation?

If you do get pregnant after tubal ligation, your pregnancy will probably be considered high risk. This is because pregnancies that occur after tubal ligation have a much higher risk of being ectopic pregnancies. In fact, around thirty or forty percent of pregnancies after tubal ligation will be ectopic pregnancies. However, many women who get pregnant after having their tubes tied go on to have very healthy pregnancies, and healthy babies.

What to do?

If you are considering having a tubal ligation done, be sure to talk with your doctor about what the risks of pregnancy are. He or she will be able to give you advice or suggest the best treatment method to ensure that you do not get pregnant again after ligation. There are new methods of sterilization emerging today, such as tubal implants that are much, much less likely to result in pregnancy than tubal ligation.

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Pregnant After Having Your Tubes Tied, 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Michelle is a busy mother to 2 boys and a prolific vlogger on subjects ranging from practical how-to tips for moms to chronicling her own pregnancy week-by-week on her popular YouTube channel ImaMommyof1.

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  • Will Huneke

    I want to get pregnant again I had my tubes tied 7 years ago and want to have another child does this conceive easy TTC work even though my tubes have been tied sincerely Kris Huneke

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  • Melissa Phillips

    What are the chances of me getting pregnant again, but the egg making it to my uterus..I just had my 3rd misscariage 2 weeks ago. 2nd was in the spring and 1st in dec 2010. So in 4 1/2 years I have had 3 early misscariages. My tubes have been tied for 10 1/2 years now. I was thinking after the 2nd one if it were to happen again it would of been like 4 years..but it was only 4 months. Is this possibly a sign that my tubes are opening up more for the fertilized egg to get through..only made it 5 weeks with last 2 and no my numbers were were still really low and we never got an ultrasound to check where it was because my levels were so low.

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