Does Pregnancy Makes Your Feet Grow?

Does Pregnancy Makes Your Feet Grow?

Most women have at least some idea of what to expect with pregnancy. You gain weight-sometimes lots of it. Your hips get wider. Your boobs get bigger. You might get stretch marks. All of those things are par for the course, and expected by moms to be. However, there are quite a few other things that pregnancy can affect as well. Things that are not as obvious, and might come as a surprise. Today we are going to talk about a few of the most unexpected Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Your Feet Can Grow. Sometimes A Lot.

Your feet can grow a lot while pregnant. And the change is permanent. Doctors attribute this feet growing phenomena to looseness of the joints during pregnancy, and it is very common. Another reason? The extra weight that you are packing around during pregnancy can also cause your feet to flatten out and lengthen during pregnancy. I am a walking billboard for this side effect- my feet went from a size six to a size eight during my pregnancy!

You Might Take A Liking To Cleaning

It’s called the nesting instinct, and it happens to the majority of women who are pregnant. The nesting instinct is a subconscious need or desire to prepare for your baby. You might want to redecorate, move furniture, do a big spring cleaning, fold baby clothes one thousand times, etc.. Nesting is just your body’s natural preparation for getting ready to have a baby.

You Might Feel Crazy

Especially in the first trimester, when all of your hormones are on a rampage, you might feel “fuzzy”, “out of it”, and a little bit wacky. You might notice an inability to concentrate, have a hard time focusing, and just generally feel a little bit like you are going out of your mind. This is completely normal. In addition to the hormones causing you to feel crazy, fatigue and morning sickness can be a killer. Add to that worries and preoccupations about having a baby, and you have the recipe for one whacked out mama to be!

Your Skin Might Freak Out

Skin changes are incredibly common during pregnancy. Your body will be experiencing both an increased blood volume and an increased blood flow during pregnancy, and that can lead to some mega skin changes. Acne abounds during pregnancy for many women. You might also notice yellow or brown patches of skin known as “the mask of pregnancy” on your face. Some women have a dark line develop down the center of their lower abdomen, called the linea nigra. Pregnancy can be a scary time for skin!

You’ll Get Hairy

Hormones plus prenatal vitamins are a recipe for hair disasters. Hair might start growing in the most unexpected places: your face, your chin, your nipples, even randomly on your body. It’s gross, yes, but also very normal. Just know that your hormones and stuff will return to normal soon! But until then, you might need the tweezers a little more than usual!

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