Can You Get a Positive OPK When Pregnant?

Can You Get a Positive OPK When Pregnant?

Can This Happen?

Is it possible to get a positive OPK test if you are pregnant? You might be surprised to find out the answer to this one! It is in fact possible to get a positive OPK result if you are already pregnant! Weird, huh? Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


Here’s why: OPK tests test for LH, and pregnancy tests test for hCG. Structurally, LH and hCG are very similar and the test can pick up on the hCG and mistake it for LH. Why these tests do not differentiate is because the hormones hCG and LH are very similar in makeup. Sometimes they are described as twins, except one twin is a little taller, or is wearing a hat. That is the only thing that makes them different, so OPK tests are able to detect both of those hormones.

What Does This Mean?

The fact that an OPK test can pick up LH and hCG means that you can get a positive ovulation test result when you are actually pregnant. Although you shouldn’t do it, in a pinch, you could technically use an OPK as a pregnancy test. However, pregnancy tests only pick up hCG, so you couldn’t use a home pregnancy test as an ovulation prediction test.

Of course, you shouldn’t ever really do that, but it “can” work. It is always more reliable to take a pregnancy test as a pregnancy test, obviously, but you already knew that! It seems that OPK’s can’t detect hCG until it is at a pretty high level, and that level is well beyond what most home pregnancy tests would have already been able to detect. So, it can be used as a “back up” method, or if you would like to double check, but it shouldn’t be done as a primary method of pregnancy testing.

Beware If You Do

If you do choose to use an OPK as a home pregnancy test, be aware that the results are not always reliable. If you get a positive result, you might think that you are pregnant, but you could just be having an LH surge that is longer than normal. It is also possible that you could have ovulated twice in one month. It is possible that your ovulation just occurred later than normal.

All of these things could give you a positive OPK and if you are using it for a home pregnancy test, you will think that you are pregnant when you are actually not. Most women who have confirmed that an OPK will work as a pregnancy test have already gotten a positive result from a home pregnancy test, so the OPK was not their first indication that they were pregnant, they were simply confirming it with the OPK.


And then there are those of us (myself included) that got a positive OPK before realizing belatedly that ovulation shouldn’t be arriving so soon, and then cautiously optimistically took a pregnancy test only to find that (surprise!) I was pregnant. So it can come as a surprise too!

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