Position of Your Cervix in Early Pregnancy

The cervix during ovulation

For many women, the position of the cervix is an important sign of what is going on in a woman’s cycle. Many women use the position of their cervix to help give them clues about what portion of their cycle they are experiencing. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

As a woman approaches ovulation, her cervix will become soft. It is often positioned higher in a woman’s body during this time, and may feel wet and open. After a woman ovulates, her cervix closes, lowers in the body, and feels firm and dry. The position and texture of the cervix can be an alternative way for a woman to tell whether or not she is ovulating.

The cervix during pregnancy

Women who use the position of the cervix to determine whether or not they are ovulating may wonder if they can also use the position or texture of the cervix to tell if they are pregnant before a pregnancy test can tell them.

This is sometimes true, but not always. The cervix does change during the early days of pregnancy, but not at the same time for every woman. Some women might see the change in their cervix right away, and other women might not see the change for a very long time.

When pregnancy occurs, the cervix rises up and becomes softer. However, there is no way to tell when this will happen in any particular case. Sometimes, it happens within days of conception, but other times, it might not happen well into the first month of pregnancy. It is not a reliable indicator of pregnancy, so women should be advised not to use this as their only means of determining whether or not they are pregnant.

Don’t count on it

Women should use caution when using the position and texture of their cervix to determine whether or not they are pregnant. The position of the cervix alone is not a reliable way to tell if a woman is pregnant. If a woman thinks that she might be pregnant, she should wait until she is able to take a home pregnancy test.

If she is unable to wait that long, a woman can also visit her doctor’s office to have a blood pregnancy test done. Blood pregnancy tests are often able to detect pregnancy earlier than home pregnancy tests. As you can see, while the position of the cervix does change during pregnancy, it is not a reliable indicator of a pregnancy.

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