Poll: Black Women Look Younger as They Age

Poll Shows Black Women Think They Look Younger as They Age

Black Don’t Crack

African American women just age better. Or at least, they think they do. We’ve all heard the phrase “black don’t crack,” and it seems that almost all women agree with that sentiment. Allure Magazine recently conducted their first ever anti aging survey as a part of their April 2013 issue, and the results were unanimous: black women just think they age the best. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Surprising Results

Allure polled more than two thousand men and women, asking them questions about aging, and how they feel about getting older. Among some of the most surprising findings, sex apparently gets better as you get older, we think gray hair looks sexy on men but that it makes women look “old,” and everybody wishes they were what age? The answer is 31. Those were some of the most interesting and surprising findings of Allure’s anti aging survey.

Black Women Age Best

The results were obvious: African American women totally think they age the best! 86 percent of African American women think that their race ages the best. 81 percent of Asian women think they are the best at getting older. Only 53 percent of Hispanic/Latino women think they age the best, and only 46 percent of Caucasian women think they age the best.

African American women were also overwhelmingly more happy with the way they look as they age, with right around 70 percent of black women saying that they are not concerned at all with the physical effects of aging. Also 65 percent of black women say that they don’t intend to use any anti aging products or treatments in the future. And why should they? African American women age so gracefully, they don’t need anti-aging treatments!

Staying Hotter Longer

Another interesting finding of the study? The average age that a woman stops looking “hot”? For Caucasian women, Hispanic/Latina women, and Asian women, the average age was 54. But, for African American women, the age was 64. That means, African American women stay looking “hot” for a full TEN years after all the other races! You go, girls!

Getting Better with Age

It’s no secret to us that black women get more beautiful with age, but we were surprised to see that EVERYONE knows it! Fertility, on the other hand, is a different story as age and fertility always go together, no matter what race. It is so refreshing to see women who not only get better with age, but are confident about getting older, and don’t need anyone else to tell them just how beautiful they are!

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