Playboy Playmate Holly Madison Plans to Eat Her Placenta

Playboy Playmate Holly Madison Plans to Eat Her Placenta

Controversial Queen

Never one to shy away from the spotlight or any sort of controversy looks like former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison is at it again. The “Girls Next Door” star wrote on her blog that she plans to eat her placenta after she gives birth to daughter Rainbow. (Her name choice was also controversial! We told you this girl is not afraid of standing up for what she believes in!) Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Holly Blogs

Holly wrote on her blog before she gave birth:

“This might sound gross, but I’m totally planning on having my placenta turned into pills I can take after giving birth.”

Of course, this revelation got women all over talking about eating their placentas, thinking about doing it, and all of the reasons that they would or wouldn’t ever do it themselves. If there is anything that Miss Holly Madison knows how to do, it is start a conversation!

Placenta Vitamins

Holly might know that telling the world she is planning on eating her placenta would cause tons of controversy but she’s not the first mom to do it! January Jones also famously had her placenta made into pills to take after giving birth. Jones told People that she would recommend placenta vitamins to any new mother, saying that she never felt down, sad, or depressed while taking the pills after the birth of her son Xander.

The placenta pills are supposed to nourish a woman’s body, help her recover faster, and are supposedly even able to curb postpartum depression. Some women swear by using placenta pills after giving birth, but others swear there is no way in the world they would ever use them!

Would You?

What do you think about having your placenta made into vitamin capsules? Apparently, humans are the only mammals that don’t eat their placenta… but, I don’t know.. Lots of women do it, and you can even buy placenta pills made from other women’s placentas if you want to.. But, who wants to? If you decide that you do want to have your placenta made into pills, you have to think ahead.

Sometimes you even have to sign a legal release form in order to have your placenta released to you and to be able to remove it from the hospital. You will have to have it sent off to be made into pills right away, or frozen right away. Or if you have a homebirth, there is no legal recourse as your placenta is yours to do as you see fit.

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