Pill for Infertility: Clomid

Pill for Infertility: Clomid

If you are looking for a pill for infertility, we are here to explain all about them to you. Oral medications such as Clomid are probably the most popular choice for fertility treatments and are usually the first choice of doctors. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

How Clomid works

Oral medications such as Clomid help to boost your ovulation, and give it a little jump start if you will. These pills are given for one five day cycle each month. The pills will help your body to produce more of the hormones that jump start ovulation, and it will help your ovaries to produce one or more mature eggs. Twin pregnancies with Clomid is pretty common.

After you finish your five day cycle of pills, LH is released and will tell your body to release an egg. If it just so happens that the egg meets up with a healthy sperm on it’s journey, then you will have a chance of becoming pregnant.

Three to five cycles

Your doctor will usually only let you try oral medications for between three to five cycles. After that if the oral medications haven’t worked, your doctor will usually try to switch you over to a different method. You do need to know that you have around a ten percent chance of conceiving twins when taking oral fertility medications.

There are also a few side effects, but they are usually pretty minor. The side effects of these drugs usually mimic the symptoms of pregnancy, like stomach pain, breast tenderness, weight gain, and nausea and vomiting.

Clomid success rate

For the most part, oral pills like Clomid for infertility are usually well tolerated and can be very successful. Around 80 percent of women begin to ovulate within the first three months of beginning treatment.

Forty percent of those who ovulate will wind up pregnant, and between 30 to 60 percent of those pregnancies will result in live births. As you can see, it makes sense that oral pills for infertility like Clomid are so popular- it’s because they work!

If you wish to go a more natural route, read about Natural Fertility Supplements available over the counter.

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