Paypal Founder Introduces Glow Fertility App

Paypal Founder Introduces Glow Fertility App

There’s An App For That

Okay, ladies that are trying to conceive. Now, there really is an app for that! Paypal founder Max Levchin is now tackling the fertility industry.

The e-commerce guru is taking the guesswork out of conceiving with his new fertility app “Glow.” “Having babies is a moral imperative for the human race. What’s been missing for people who can’t is data and financial arbitrage,” Max said of the reason for his new app. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The App

The app is not quite yet available for iOS, but will be soon. It is going to provide “state of the art ovulation prediction,” complete with a fertility tracker that will give users a window of when they are most likely to get pregnant.

Glow can also track basal body temperature, emotional stress, and health data as well. It also gauges a woman’s menstrual cycle and cervical mucus changes as well. The app will let couples know when the peak times for them to have sex are, for the best chance to get pregnant.

As opposed to using a clunky OPK, why not try the high-tech digital way? It also offers relationship advice, sending alerts for guys to maybe think about buying their lady flowers if she is having an emotionally bad day, or reminds ladies to pick up some sexy lingerie if their fertile days are coming up!

Glow First

The app isn’t just designed to help couples get pregnant. It is pretty much guaranteeing it! That’s because Max Levchin is also launching Glow First, as an accompaniment to the app. For couples who use the Glow App daily for ten months, and still do not get pregnant, Glow First will set up a fund to help them pay for fertility treatments.

Max Levchin donated $1 million of his own money to jump start the Glow First program. The money will be pooled into a mutual insurance fund, and couples who don’t get pregnant after ten months of using Glow, they will be awarded money from the pool to seek fertility treatments at accredited clinics.

Inspired By Others

Levchin is a married dad of two kids who were conceived naturally, but he says that his inspiration for the app came from friends who were going through IVF treatments. “We have people close to us that have gone through multiple IVF trials,” he said, “and we’ve heard them say, ‘We’re not going to put my wife’s body through this anymore.’” Congrats to Max Levchin for creating something so great where there is such a big need for it! We can’t wait for the Glow app to hit the app store so we can start tracking along with everyone else!

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