Nicki Minaj New Judge on “American Idol”

Nicki Minaj New Judge on “American Idol”

New season, new judges

American Idol judge Nicki Minaj is no stranger to controversy and no stranger to being the center of attention. With Idol is in its 12th season, many fans and critics alike were sure that the show was on its way out, and going downhill fast. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, the introduction of new judges Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, and of course, Miss Nicki Minaj this year were meant to breathe new life into the series, and freshen things up a bit. And things have freshened up indeed, to say the least.

Feuds galore

When Nicki first joined the American Idol cast, it didn’t take long for everyone, including all of us at home, to notice her ongoing, glaringly obvious feud with diva pop star Mariah Carey. The massive fight was the talk of Hollywood for weeks, with Nicki threatening to “knock out” Ms. Mariah.

Since then, we have also heard word of Nicki getting into with Randy Jackson, cursing, pouting, and storming off, causing a day of production to have to close early. Miss Nicki is known to speak her mind and not worry about stepping on any toes. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that this season of Idol has been anything but boring.

Stealing the show

Magazines, newspapers, and online blogs all agree on one thing. Much to Mariah Carey’s chagrin, Nicki Minaj is stealing the show this year. From her outrageous costumes, crazy wigs, random British accents, pet names for contestants, not to mention her catty sideways glances at Mariah, Nicki is the star of the show this season.

Keith Urban is also doing a great job as judge, with his insights, caring remarks, and tactful way of putting things. Mariah? The jury agrees that pretty much the only thing the pop star does is sit with her “best side” facing the camera, make mumbling noises and look down on everyone else.

Nicki is different. She’s funny, she’s passionate, she’s truthful, and best of all, she’s real. You get to see the real Nicki Minaj, which is not what you get with Mariah. You feel like you are still seeing an “act”, a put up front, and none of the real person behind the celebrity.

Back for another season?

While it’s obvious that Nicki is loving her time as judge on Idol, and even getting emotionally invested in the contestants, (Nicki has broken down in tears several times during the show), she is not so sure if she’ll be coming back next year. While she has said that her feud with Mariah is behind her, she makes certain to add that they will NOT be sharing the stage to perform together anytime soon.

When asked about an American Idol special duet with Mariah, Nicki said, “I don’t know. God bless her though… I mean, that’ll never happen.” On her thoughts of returning next season: “I don’t know, we’ll see,” Minaj said. “See the thing is, we’re only halfway done so, I am absolutely enjoying Idol but I don’t know how I’m going to feel at the end of it.” Well, whether or not Nicki comes back next season, it has been an absolute blast watching her breathe new life into a show that none of us were sure could keep on going.

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