Newly Pregnant Ivanka Trump

Newly Pregnant Ivanka Trump

Donald’s Gonna Be A Grandpa… Again!

Looks like Donald Trump is going to be a grandpa again! His beautiful daughter, Ivanka Trump, recently announced that she is expecting her second baby with hubby Jared Kushner. She has decided that now is the best age to conceive a baby!  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Tweeting the news

After The New York Post’s page six announced Ivanka’s pregnancy on April 11, she later tweeted:

“Jared and I and are so excited that Arabella will become a big sister this fall. Thanks for all your good wishes!”

Congrats to Invanka and Jared, and to Arabella too! We can’t wait to see that new Trump baby! If he or she looks anything like big sister Arabella, we know that new baby will be super adorable!

Balancing Act

Busy mommy Ivanka already has some experience balancing work and home life with baby girl Arabella Rose, age 2. She told US Magazine,

“I want to make sure I’m with my daughter when she needs me to be with her, but I also know that it’s okay to go to the office when I’m working on a big deal then I’ll make [family time] up on the weekend,” she explained. “I try to think of parenthood as a marathon, not a sprint. I know that I have to do well at this by taking it one day at a time and not beating myself up too much over small things.”

That is good advice for all of us moms! Sometimes we all need to just take a step back and remember that this whole parenting thing is a marathon, not a sprint. We often try to do it all, all at once, and we get burnt out. We need to remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Family Business

We know that dad Jared is busy with his job as owner of the New York Observer, and Ivanka has many irons in the fire as jewelry designer, author, clothing designer, and “Apprentice” mentor, but we know how much they enjoy being just mommy and daddy too!

It’s so nice to see a couple who have super busy lives, a lot of money, and pretty much everything they could ever want, but to see they are just like us and that their most exciting and wonderful moments come from being parents, just like all of the rest of us! What do you think about Ivanka’s pregnancy? Do you think she and Jared will have a boy or another girl this time around?

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