New Test Predicts Age Women Will Menopause

New Blood Test Can Accurately Predict Age Women Will Enter Menopause

It’s a fact that age and fertility are inseparable. As women, one of the biggest questions that we don’t know the answer to is when we will enter menopause. For the longest time, it has been one of the big unknowns in a woman’s life. But, not anymore! A new blood test can possibly predict the age that women will enter menopause, signaling an end to their fertility. While the average age that menopause occurs is age 51, the age can vary greatly between women. This new technology may be able to give women a clearer picture of exactly when menopause will hit in their lives. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

How it works

The blood test itself is pretty simple. Doctors can use a simple blood sample to check for the anti-Mullerian hormone. This hormone starts to decline in women over time. Doctors took three different samples of blood from the women they performed the test on, at different times between the ages of 20 and 49. When the levels of anti-Mullerian hormone in their blood were a close match for the levels in women who were already going through menopause, doctors were able to pinpoint when they thought it would occur in their test subjects.

Is it accurate?

Yes, surprisingly so! Doctors found that the age that they were able to predict menopause and the age that menopause actually hit was usually very accurate. When the timing was off, it was only off by about four months or so. While not perfect, this estimated age of menopause is much more accurate than anything that doctors have had to work with in the past. This is a huge breakthrough for women who want to know when menopause will start for them.

What it means

The availability of this simple blood test could be huge for women’s health. By being able to pinpoint just when menopause will start, women can more accurately plan their families. Women will be able to know just how long they have to start having children, and it will give an actual number to the ever elusive biological clock. This new blood test just might prove to be revolutionary in the world of women’s health! Ask your doctor if he or she has access to this new blood test to find out your estimated age of menopause. Not able to take the test? Doctors also say it is common for a woman to enter menopause at around the same age that her mother did. So, if your mom’s menopause came early or late, yours just might too!

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