New Duggar Baby: Josh and Anna Duggar Expecting Baby #3

New Duggar Baby: Josh and Anna Duggar Expecting Baby #3

Duggars and Their Timing

These Duggars and their timing! With the Eleventh (ELEVENTH!!??) season of the Duggars reality show “19 Kids and Counting” starting this week, Josh and Anna Duggar announced that they are expecting a boy! Josh and Anna revealed last season that they were expecting their third child, but we didn’t find out until a few days ago that the newest little Duggar will be a boy. We get to find out the baby’s gender reveal on the season premiere, and it turns out that it is Jim the sound guy who was blessed with the privileged information! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Baby Number Three

Josh and Anna already have daughter Mackynzie, 3, and son Michael, 21 months, and they are excited to welcome baby number three into their brood. While they are no where near the 19 kids that JimBob and Michelle (Josh’s parents, and Anna’s in-laws) have, they are well on their way to being next in line. Josh is only 25, and Anna is only 24, so there is plenty of time for them to catch up! H

ow many will they have? Josh and Anna say that they don’t know how many babies God will bless them with, but they are open to whatever number that may be. “I am so thankful for our children,” Anna, 24, told People. “It is not about having a bunch of babies. It is about enjoying each child God has given you and focus on every day that you get with your child.”

Satisfied Grandparents?

While most grandparents would be satisfied with their two, soon to be three grandchildren, especially when they have 19 children of their own, it seems that JimBob and Michelle are not quite done adding to their brood either. While their last baby Josie, now three, was born premature, and Michelle miscarried baby Jubiliee during her last pregnancy, it looks like they still want to have at least one more baby.

Michelle told RadarOnline:

“If God saw fit for us to receive another child we would love that and welcome that. Well, I’m 46 years old, and if this is the end for me being able to bear children then that is God’s timing. I will rejoice no matter where I find myself.”

The Duggars have also mentioned the possibility of adopting, and they say that they are praying about it to see where God leads them.

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