Negative Pregnancy Test with a Missed Period

Negative Pregnancy Test with a Missed Period

So, your period is late, but the home pregnancy test (or tests!) that you have taken all say no, no, no. What could it possibly mean if you have a negative pregnancy test with a missed period? Read on to find out the answers to your pressing questions. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Could it be a problem with the test?

Sure, that is a possibility. Sometimes tests are defective, even when they are not expired. If you think you have a defective test, test again with a different test and contact the test manufacturer. Check to make sure you are not using an expired test and that you are following the test instructions properly.

Make sure to do exactly as the instructions say. Not using the first morning urine, or using diluted urine (drinking a ton of fluids prior to testing), can be a reason for a “false negative” test. Most women do not fully understand just how important it is to follow the directions on a home pregnancy test exactly and carefully. Not completely following directions can definitely result in a “false negative” test.

Could it be a problem with the timing of the test?

Yes, this is usually the problem! You might also be testing too soon, which can mess up the test results. Sometimes at home pregnancy tests are not sensitive enough to pick up trace amounts of pregnancy hormone. If you get a negative test, but you still think you are pregnant, wait a few days, and then test again. Let your body have a few extra days to potentially build up enough hCG to be detected by an at home test.

Other times, you might have miscalculated the length of your cycle, so even if you think your period is “due,” it might not actually be time for it. In fact, miscalculating your cycle is the #1 reason for a negative test along with a missed period. It actually may not be time for your period when you think it is. Not all women have the “normal” 28 day cycle, so you can not always go by this.

Could it be a problem with my body?

Unfortunately, this is always another possibility. If you are, in fact, pregnant, a negative test can indicate a problem with the pregnancy. The most common reason for this is ectopic pregnancy. This is pretty uncommon however.

If you are still experiencing pregnancy symptoms after waiting a few days and retesting, and getting another negative test, be sure to contact your doctor to discuss any potential issues that could be taking place inside your body. There are a few other factors that can cause missed periods that are not related to pregnancy, such as premature menopause. These issues are pretty rare, but should still be addressed with your doctor if you are having concerns.

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