Natural Ways to Regulate your Period

Natural Ways to Regulate your Period

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Every month, women are intended to have a period. Generally speaking, the period should only last for a handful of days and be pretty consistent. However, this is not the case with all women. In fact, some women experience a period that is extremely heavy or that is inconsistent in its timing. Claim Your 20 Free Ovulation Tests – Click Here

Not only could these issues be uncomfortable, but they could cause issues with fertility as well. For these reasons, finding natural ways to regulate a period is important for many women. Here are a few things you can do to accomplish this goal.

Improve your health

One of the main issues that causes women to struggle maintaining a regular period is their health. Having an excess of belly fat, eating the wrong foods or having too much stress in their life is some of the main culprits.

However, there are also concerns for medical conditions. For example, women with an infection or PCOS tend to struggle to have a regular period. For this reason, you should always make sure all of your medical conditions are being treated appropriately by a doctor.

Take supplements

When you talk to your doctor, you will find that there are many medications you can take to help control your period. Unfortunately, many of these medications come with unwanted side effects. Many women look for ways to avoid these complications, and turn to supplements instead.

Supplements are a great way to help your body become healthier naturally. Many of the options out there, like Vitex or black cohosh, help to make the reproductive system work better. In the end, these supplements can help regulate your period without causing you to need expensive and potentially dangerous prescription medications.

But, you will want to talk to your doctor before you begin taking any supplements over the counter. This is especially true for women who have medical conditions or take any other prescriptions. It is difficult to determine how one’s body will react when medications and supplements are combined. Therefore, your doctor should help you determine this.

Natural Treatments

Sometimes, natural treatments like fertility massage and acupuncture can be extremely beneficial when it comes to regulating a period. Women who undergo these treatments are able to have better blood flow, which can help improve the health and regulation of their period. Some women with certain medical conditions like PCOS and endometriosis have even found these treatment options to help them become pregnant.

Yoga is also a natural treatment for an irregular period. It is something that can be customized around your period to help regulate it better. For example, doing mostly standing poses before your period will help to make more space in the pelvic region. Restorative poses during your period will help relax muscles, and seated poses the rest of the month will help tone your reproductive organs.

These are all things you can do to help regulate your period naturally. Make sure you try them out for yourself if you are struggling with this issue. In addition to this, make sure you are tracking your ovulation cycle by using either a BBT thermometer, an OPK, or an online ovulation tracker if you are trying to become pregnant soon.

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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