Natural Remedies for Infertility

Natural Remedies for Infertility

When dealing with infertility, every step you take into resolving this is a tricky one because of the subject’s delicate nature. So why not try avoiding the doctor for a while with some natural remedies infertility has no chance against? Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It’s really not a surprise that when looking for natural remedies for infertility, the first thing you should do would be to change your diet and your way of living into a healthier one. Still, a good aid for this would be to resort to things that could give extra help, things like vitamins and folic acid. Here are some of the most common vitamins that can help you increase your fertility (for men and women).

Vitamin D

It helps the body to produce sex hormones which naturally affects the ovulation process. Vitamin D is prevalent in eggs, dairy products and also in cod liver oil. Surprisingly, you can even absorb some Vitamin D if you simply lay in the sun for 15 or 20 minutes and in case you do not have recommendations against it, you can solve two problems at the same time: get a beautiful and attractive suntan and nourish your body with the much needed for fertility Vitamin D.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E improves sperm motility and health, and it can be found in foods like sunflower seeds, spinach and olives.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered to improve fertility in women, and it can be found in broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes and red peppers.


CoEnzyme Q10 has similar effects as Vitamin C, and it can be found in foods like organ meats and seafood.

Folic acid

As far as folic acid is concerned, scientists have discovered that the biggest amount of it can be found in fruits and vegetables, and it is directly linked to a low sperm count. Still, you should keep in mind that a diet high in folic acid will not enhance the sperm count, but will definitely enhance the quality of the existing one!

Balanced weight

Obesity has been linked on several occasions to infertility in men, so this is another issue that should be kept in mind. Obesity will lower your sperm quality. Keeping a balanced weight will help assist your fertility naturally. So, look into whatever natural remedies are available to increase your fertility.

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Dr. Renee Hanton, MD
Dr. Renee Hanton, MD | ConceiveEasy
Dr. Renee Hanton is ConceiveEasy's Senior Physician with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Dr. Hanton specializes in the endocrine causes of infertility, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)