Nate Dogg’s Baby Mama’s Suit Against His Estate

Nate Dogg’s Baby Mama Files Child Support Suit Against His Estate

Estate Feuds

It’s been almost two years since legendary rapper Nate Dogg died after battles with multiple strokes. However, there has been lots of drama over his estate. Up until November of last year, Nate Dogg’s children and his ex-wife Latoya Calvin had been fighting like cats and dogs over Nate’s estate. Latoya finally withdrew her petition to control the estate in November of 2012, and things have been relatively peaceful in regards to Nate Dogg’s estate. Until now, that is. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Baby Mama Drama

A woman named Shereda Williams just filed a claim against Nate Dogg’s estate, stating that Nate was the father of her child, who was born way back in 2006. According to Ms. Williams, Nate was supposed to pay her a hefty sum of $4358 per month in child support, however, he never made a single payment. Now, she claims that she is owed $339,924 in unpaid back child support. She filed the claim with Nate Dogg’s estate, in hopes that the debit will be paid in full.

There’s No Money

As most everyone knows, Nate Dogg was in extremely poor health for years leading up to his death. It was December of 2007 when his first massive stroke left him paralyzed on one side of his body. It was less than a year later when a second stroke ravaged Nate’s health yet again.

In the years leading up to his death, Nate was rarely spotted outside of his home, and was in extremely poor health. He was also almost completely and totally broke. All his years of rapping, his partnerships with stars from Snoop Dogg, to Warren G, to Dr. Dre, and Eminem, nothing could help him once his health failed and his money began to run out.

Will She Get Paid?

We have to say that the outlook is extremely doubtful that this baby mama will ever get her back child support, if it is in fact proven that Nate Dogg does owe it. That’s because he was so broke before his death, and it is highly unlikely that even his estate has that kind of money.

So, Ms. Williams will just have to stand in line behind other creditors and wait patiently to see if there will be enough money to pay her claim. But according to our research, Ms. Williams should not hold her breath!

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