Myth vs. Fact? Test Your Fertility IQ

Myth vs. Fact? Test Your Fertility IQ

Even if we think that we know a lot about fertility, the truth is that most women have misconceptions when it comes to getting pregnant. There are many fertility myths out there, and today we are going to test your fertility IQ and see just how much you know as well as the fertility misconceptions you’ve been clinging onto. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Fact or myth? Most women who suffer from infertility would get pregnant if they stopped worrying about it

Myth! While it is true that stress can contribute to infertility, infertility is still a physical problem, not a mental one. Sometimes reducing stress can make it easier to get pregnant, but if you truly have an infertility issue, you will need medical help to get pregnant.

Fact or myth? Women are the ones who have to worry about fertility problems

Myth! While there are a lot of fertility problems that are due to women’s issues, only about 33 percent of fertility issues are solely female issues. Another 33 percent are a combination of male and female reproductive issues, and the last 33 percent of all fertility problems are directly related to male infertility issues.

Fact or myth? You can get fertility treatments even if you don’t have a ton of money

Fact! While some fertility treatments are super expensive and can cost thousands of dollars, they aren’t all that way. There are alternative fertility treatments that are very affordable, and even traditional fertility drugs are not crazy expensive anymore. There are also a ton of financial options out there, including payment plans and reimbursement programs.

Fact or myth? Only older women need to worry about infertility

Myth! While fertility in women drops off sharply after age 35, it is not solely a problem for older women. There are a ton of factors that affect fertility, and age is only one of them. In fact, even a couple in their early 20’s has around a seven or eight percent chance of dealing with infertility.

Fact or myth? You can deal with infertility even if you already have a child

Fact! Secondary Infertility is actually quite common. Secondary fertility can be really hard to deal with, since it is not always taken as seriously as primary infertility. As many as eleven percent of couples who already have a child will suffer from secondary infertility.

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