Mother Suing for Failed Birth Control Pills

Mother Suing for Failed Birth Control Pills and Cost of 1-Year-Old Daughter

Just like a movie

It’s another one of those stories that sounds like it’s ripped straight from a Lifetime Original Movie. Only it’s not, it’s real life. Shanta Russell is a 33 year old single mom from Kansas City Missouri. Shanta has been, like most of us, taking birth control pills for the majority of her adult life. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Like most of us, she trusted that the companies that make those birth control pills knew what they were doing, and that all she had to do was take the pill regularly, and everything would be fine, right? Wrong.

Unexpected news

Shanta unexpectedly found out she was pregnant in June 2011. She really wasn’t sure what happened. It’s not like she was tracking her ovulation. She knew she didn’t miss any pills, she hadn’t been on antibiotics. She was now faced with the hard decision of what to do.

She wasn’t really ready to have a child, thus the birth control pills. She was working two jobs and spending time all across the country. Her focus was on other things. She knew she wouldn’t be able to deal with the emotional trauma of having an abortion, but she also wasn’t really ready to have a baby.

‘I was devastated,’ Russell told The Star. ‘I questioned myself. After all these years, how could this happen? Then I received a letter in the mail. Of course I was angry. There was nothing I did that was a mistake.’

The letter

Three months after finding out she was pregnant, Shanta received a letter in the mail. The contents of that letter were something she could have never in a million years expected to find. As it turns out, Qualtitest, the company that produces Shanta’s birth control pills, made a mistake.

And not just a little mistake. The placebo pills that Shanta was supposed to take during her period were placed in the package in the wrong order. In fact, they were placed where the active pills were supposed to go. So, Shanta thought she was protected, and she really was just taking the placebos.

According to the Kansas City Star, there is no telling how many women this birth control recall has really affected: “The recalls involved millions of blister packs of pills distributed to warehouses and pharmacies. Consumer health advocates say the problems were the inevitable consequence of inadequate federal monitoring of drug manufacturing plants. How many women became pregnant while taking the pills is unknown, but could easily number in the hundreds.” Can you even imagine?

The lawsuit

Shanta’s baby girl was born in early 2012, and she filed a lawsuit on Feb. 6 of this year. In her lawsuit, Shanta is suing for her health care costs, the emotional pain and trauma she has been through, as well as the cost of raising her daughter.

Shanta now says that having her daughter was a blessing and that she couldn’t live without her. While Shanta is happy with the decision that she made, she doesn’t feel like the pharmaceutical company should get off scot free. Will she win her case? We will have to wait and see.

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Brittany Null
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