More Sun = More Fertile?

More Sun = More Fertile?

Just when you think you are doing everything you can do to help boost your fertility, here comes another report with something you might not have thought of yet. Today we are examining the link between good old sunshine and fertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The sunshine vitamin

New research coming from Austria suggests that both men and women see a fertility boost from exposure to Vitamin D, sometimes called “The Sunshine Vitamin“. Vitamin D is produced in our skin through direct exposure to sunlight.

How much does it help?

Researchers and scientists are still trying to understand just how much of an effect that Vitamin D has on both male and female fertility. However, early research has shown that keeping your Vitamin D levels up can help to regulate ovulation and balance sexual and reproductive hormones. Vitamin D has even been shown to boost sperm count and sperm quality in men who had low levels of the “Sunshine Vitamin”.

The location connection

In an interesting twist, there is also research that shows that depending on where you live, your exposure to the sun (or lack thereof) might make it easier or more difficult to become pregnant. For women and men who lived in Northern Europe, levels of Vitamin D peaked during the warm, sunny summers. Men had higher sperm counts and better sperm quality during the summers, and during the winter months, sperm count was depleted. Women also were shown to ovulate less during the winter, since they had less exposure to Vitamin D during those months. This made it harder for these women to conceive during the dreary, grey winter months.

What can you do to increase your Vitamin D intake?

Straight from the sun

Of course, the best source of Vitamin D is straight from the sun, but that isn’t always possible. You want to make sure to avoid overexposure to the sun’s rays, since that can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer. So try to make sure you get a moderate amount of sun exposure.


There are also a ton of Vitamin D supplements on the market that you can buy if you don’t get enough natural exposure to the sun. These can help if the winters are exceptionally dark and dreary where you live, and you aren’t able to get out very much. You can find Vitamin D supplements online or at your local pharmacy or health food stores.

Food sources

Another great option for giving your Vitamin D levels a boost is by obtaining Vitamin D through the foods you eat. There are a ton of foods out there that are great sources of Vitamin D. Of course, Vitamin D milk is one of the best sources, but there are also a bunch of others! You can get vitamin D from orange juice, salmon and other fish, mushrooms, meats like salami, ham and sausage, and eggs.

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