Michael Jordan’s Wife-To-Be Signs Pre-Nup Agreement

Michael Jordan’s Wife-To-Be Signs Pre-Nup Agreement

He’s No Fool

He might have made the mistake once, but Michael Jordan is proving that he is not going to make the same mistake twice. The basketball superstar has reportedly made his fiance and soon to be wife Yvette Prieto sign a prenuptial agreement. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

We all remember that back in 2006, when Michael Jordan divorced his first wife Juanita, there was no prenuptial agreement in place. When the pair divorced, it was at the time the largest divorce settlement in celebrity history. Juanita walked away from the marriage with custody of the couple’s three kids, their shared Chicago mansion, and a whopping $168 million bucks!

Different This Time

Michael Jordan definitely didn’t see it coming last time around. He didn’t think he needed a prenup, and his marriage to Juanita lasted for seventeen years! He didn’t think the two were going to ever divorce, especially after that time frame!

Not only was his first wife entitled to half of everything (and that $168 million dollars she got ended up only being a THIRD of Michael’s fortune), but getting full custody of their three kids was a big kicker! Michael reportedly decided that he wasn’t going to take that risk again, and he made sure that his prenuptial agreement this time will not cause an issue.

Iron Clad Prenup

The prenuptial agreement with his new bride to be will protect the basketball star’s $650 million dollar fortune. Michael Jordan and his 33 year old bride to be are reportedly set to wed on April 27. According to sources close to the couple, Yvette is okay with the prenup, because she doesn’t think there is any way she and Michael will ever split up!

If they do split up however, Yvette will get $1 million dollars for each year that she and Michael were married. If the couple stay together for ten years or more, she will then receive $5 million for each year that the couple were married.

Different This Time Around

While the last time that Michael was married didn’t end well, reports are that Yvette and Michael are confident that things will be different this time around. Michael has learned how to protect his assets as well, and he won’t have to worry about Yvette cleaning his bank account out should anything bad ever happen to their marriage. This time around, both parties will keep control of the assets that they bring to the marriage, and if they do divorce, Michael’s assets will be protected.

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