Michael Jackson’s Mom Fear Ex Spill Paternity

Michael Jackson's Mom Fears Debbie Rowe Will Reveal MJ Paternity

Debbie Rowe Under Oath

Debbie Rowe, the ex-wife of Michael Jackson, and biological mother of two of his kids, is set to testify in court in a trial that Michael’s family is bringing forth against AEG Live, trying to get millions of dollars from the company. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Word has it that Katherine Jackson (Michael’s mom) has been super concerned about what exactly Rowe will say under oath during the trial, and whether information that she knows could damage their case. Rumor has it that Katherine’s lawyers have been digging around wondering what AEG is going to come up with.

What Does Debbie Rowe Know?

Debbie Rowe knows more about Michael Jackson’s paternity issues than anyone else, and Katherine Jackson is afraid that Debbie is going to let some secrets fly. It has LONG been rumored that Michael Jackson really isn’t the biological father of Prince and Paris.

Katherine is afraid that Debbie Rowe might hurt their case against AEG if she confirms this rumor. Since Paris and Prince would have no legal ties to Michael, AEG might argue that the Jacksons aren’t owed any money after all. If anyone knows the details, it is Debbie Rowe, after all.

Will She Say Anything?

Debbie Rowe is on the docket to testify for both AEG and The Jacksons. However, AEG has already disposed her as a witness without asking her any questions about paternity. But, Katherine’s lawyers aren’t taking any chances.

They have already asked the judge to exclude any evidence of paternity, but the judge hasn’t ruled on that yet. The Jackson family thinks that if AEG gets Debbie to testify about who the biological father of MJ’s kids really is, they will lose out on money, since it could be proven that MJ’s kids have another “family” out there somewhere that could support them.

Nothing To Worry About

There may be nothing to worry about after all when it comes to MJ and paternity. Under California law, when a woman gives birth while married to her husband, the husband is presumed to be the father, unless he’s sterile or impotent.

So, this might all be much ado about nothing. But, who is the bio father if it isn’t MJ? All rumors point to Michael’s long time dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, but nobody is saying for sure. However, most likely there will be nothing to worry about and the whole paternity issue will not come up in court.

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