Michael Buble’s Infertility Concerns

Michael Buble's Infertility Concerns

Womanizer comes clean

While he is getting ready to be a daddy now, Michael Buble wasn’t always so sure that he would have that opportunity. The self professed “womanizer” says that for a long long time, he wasn’t so sure he was able to make babies. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Buble interview

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Michael said:

“I’ve had sex with a lot of women,” he joked, “Near the end I was just trying to impregnate them just to see that I could. But you wanna know the truth? I went and got tested…because I was so sure that it was not going to work.”

We know that Michael was joking about trying to get as many women pregnant as he could (or was he?), but we have to give him major props for getting tested on his own!

Taking responsibility

Before trying to conceive with his beautiful wife Luisana Lopilato, Michael took the initiative to go ahead and get a full male fertility workup. That shows a lot of initiative. I mean, really.. How many of us have husbands or boyfriends that would willingly go to the doctor on their own for something like that without having us nagging at them?

It’s nice to see a guy, especially a young and famous one like Michael, stand up and be a voice for male fertility, and show the guys that it is okay to take responsibility for fertility. It doesn’t always have to be us ladies that worry about it!

It’s a boy!

Well, even though Michael thought he was infertile despite being far from too old to have a baby, it looks like everything turned out all right after all. Michael and his beautiful wife are expecting a baby later this year, and we just found out that it’s going to be a boy!

No word on whether or not the couple opted to use fertility treatments or not, but we are super excited for them. They have wanted children since getting married back in 2011. Michael said right after the wedding:

“I’ve said to Luisana a million times I’d love to have kids,” Buble revealed, “But I always say to her when you’re ready — when you feel like you’ve lived and you’ve partied and done all the things you want to do. When you’ve worked your butt off, then tell me.”

Pregnant after fertility concerns

Looks like the couple decided they were ready, and everything worked out great, despite Michael’s fertility concerns! We wish them all the best as they welcome their new baby Buble to the family!

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