Maternity Clothes: How to Look Stylish When Pregnant

Pregnancy Fashion?

Pregnancy. It might not seem like a time to be concerned with fashion, but the truth is, you can look stylish while you are pregnant. If dressing your baby bump seems a little overwhelming to you, read on for some tips on how to get out of the sweats and into something a little more stylish. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Cute, But Comfy

Some pregnant women feel like they should be dressing for the runway or a photo shoot all the time, and they squeeze and wrestle themselves into some ridiculously uncomfortable garments… We can all think of one celebrity mommy to be (initials KK, anyone?) who is guilty of this, and while she looks cute, she almost always looks exceptionally uncomfortable. Your first priority should be keeping yourself comfortable, but you can still look cute during your pregnancy too.

How to Look Stylish When Pregnant

Accentuate The Bump

It can sometimes be hard, especially in the beginning phases to determine if a pregnant woman is putting on a few pounds, or if there really is a baby in there. For this time, and all of your pregnancy really, it is always okay to accentuate your bump. You can wear shirts that are form fitting around your belly, and let your bump stick out. Let’s face it, everyone loves a pregnant woman’s belly! Women used to wear big bulky sweaters and hoodies to cover up their baby bumps, but not anymore!

Accentuate the bump

Reap The Benefits

It might not seem that pregnancy has many benefits when it comes to fashion, but it actually can! For some women, pregnancy gives them cleavage they never had before. If you have it during pregnancy, flaunt it! Same goes for the great hair and skin that prenatal vitamins and pregnancy hormones can give to women! Sometimes pregnancy gives you added benefits like these, so if it does, flaunt it!

Pregnancy Cleavage

Go Skinny and Flat.

For jeans, choose skinny. Skinny jeans and slim fitting leggings look great on pregnant women and really flaunt your bump. As for shoes, heels and wedges can be exceptionally painful when your feet are painful and swollen. Choose some comfy yet attractive flats to wear for your pregnancy, that will give a little bit as your feet continue to grow as well.


Hold Off

At the beginning of your pregnancy, when you are gaining weight but not fully showing yet, don’t worry about rushing out to buy expensive maternity clothes. Just buy your regular clothes, a few sizes up. This way, you can still wear all of your favorite fashions, and won’t be stuck with maternity fare only! ConceiveEasy TTC Kit + 20 FREE Pregnancy Tests

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