Maria Menounos: Why I’m Freezing My Eggs

Maria Menounos: Why I'm Freezing My Eggs

The Perfect Life?

Extra! Correspondent Maria Menounos is beautiful. She’s successful. Her job with Extra! puts her up close and personal with a ton of celebs, and we are sure that she makes great money. She has been in a long term (we’re talking 13+ years here, people!) relationship with director Keven Undergaro.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

She has the life that just about every woman dreams of. Except for one thing. Maria is approaching 35, and she is not quite ready to have a baby yet. YET. That is why she decided to freeze her eggs!

A Big Decision

Maria made the big decision to freeze her eggs back in 2011, when she was only 33. She revealed to Dr. Drew that the decision, for her, was pretty easy!

“They say time goes by when you’re having fun — I’m having fun,” Menounos said. “I’m living my dreams … I realized I might be a candidate.”

Not Ready Yet

Maria says that she was approached by several colleagues and friends who “shook her by the shoulders” and told her not to put off babies until she was forty, since it might be too late. She talked it over with her boyfriend, Keven, and he was on board too! Maria told her parents, who were looking on at the Dr. Drew show:

“I have decided I am going to have kids … but to make it realistic, because I am not going to do it for a few years. We’re going to freeze our eggs so that we have no problems down the line.”

Insurance Policy

Maria said that she sees freezing her eggs as a sort of insurance policy, and it is a great plan. A woman’s egg supply drops dramatically after age 35, and once a woman hits forty, it is sometimes nearly impossible for a woman to get pregnant without outside help.

Maria is making a great decision to be as responsible as she can be for her reproductive future. Although she is going through the exhausting and expensive task of having her eggs frozen, Maria and Keven say that when the time is right, they will still try to conceive naturally, and will just use the frozen eggs as “insurance.”

She also stated that she wants to be “100% committed” when it is time to have kids, and be the best mom that she can be! Kudos to Maria and Keven for thinking about the future before it sneaks up on them, and before it is too late!

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