Male Infertility: 3 Most Common Causes

Now, about 15 percent of couples are considered infertile and in about half of those cases, it’s going to be an issue on the guys’ side. So it’s not just ladies that are going to be infertile. It can definitely happen to anyone. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

And male infertility is caused by a few reasons:

The first being low sperm count or low sperm production.

And another reason being misshapen or immobile sperm.

Now past injuries, illnesses and lifestyle choices can actually be a cause for infertility in guys so, keep that in mind.

Now, after you’ve been trying to conceive for over a year, you can actually go to your doctor and most doctors at this point will refer you to a fertility specialist and you can start getting treatment if you haven’t conceived a child at this point. And both you and your partner will be tested and like I said about half the time it’s going to be an issue with your body and the other half will be an issue with your partner’s body.

And thankfully in this day and age, there are many treatments out there available so that as many people that want to get pregnant can which is just a wonderful thing, right? Because that’s why we’re all here. We want to have a baby.

If your partner is infertile, there are a number of different treatments, like I said, and those treatments vary according to the cause of the infertility. They can range anywhere from surgery, medications, hormonal treatments and then even in vitro fertilization which I think is kind of like the end-all, be-all of fertility treatments, that’s one that everyone talks about most anyways.

So thank you guys so much for watching and good luck trying to conceive! Talk to you next time. Bye!

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Lindsey Zaldivar
Lindsey Zaldivar | ConceiveEasy
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