Malcolm-Jamal Warner Dumps Regina King

Malcolm-Jamal Warner Dumps Regina King

Calling It Quits

In a sad update, it looks like it’s Splitsville for Malcolm-Jamal Warner and his girlfriend of two years Regina King. Apparently, Malcolm told Regina that he “just wasn’t feeling it anymore,” and asked the actress and her young son (from a previous marriage) to move out of the house they shared together. Sources close to Regina say that she has been completely blindsided by the breakup, and had no idea that it was coming. It supposedly hit her out of left field. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


While sources are saying that Regina had no idea that the breakup was coming, and is completely devastated, it was pretty clear last year that things were much better for the couple. “She thought this would really last for good, they were so close as a family,” says an insider close to the couple. “They knew each other forever and then out of nowhere he dumped her,” the source marvels. “She’s still confused and hurt and doesn’t know what happened.”

Seemed So Perfect

Malcolm and Regina’s relationship seemed to be a picture of perfection. They didn’t jump into a relationship overnight. They had known each other since they were both child stars in the 80’s, and had developed a long lasting friendship which they based their relationship on.

The couple had developed a loving family home and were raising Regina’s young son with ex husband Ian Alexander, Jr. as family. The couple were also very careful to keep their private life private, and keep themselves out of the press. It looked like everything was just perfect.

In January 2012, she said, “I believe the universe has a plan, and we probably wouldn’t have been ready years ago. We both had to do whatever we had to do to be ready for each other now.” Rumors were even swirling that the couple had gotten engaged, and were making wedding plans. Those wedding plans are no more, however.


After the breakup rumors and stories started to swirl, Regina spoke out on Twitter, saying:

“Hey everybody please don’t believe everything you read. Me and Malcolm-Jamal are good. Life happens. Forward motion. Godspeed.”

Apparently, the breakup did happen, but Regina wanted to clear the air and let everyone know that it wasn’t as dramatic as we had thought. Rumor has it that while the couple have split, they are still on good terms, and don’t hate each other or harbor any hard feelings. No matter what happened between these two, we wish them all the best and hope that they are able to truly find happiness in the future.

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