How to Have a Boy With the Shettles Method?

How to Have a Boy With the Shettles Method?

What Is The Shettles Method?

You might have heard of the Shettles Method before. It’s based on the research of Dr. Landrum Shettles, who theorized that based on the difference in male and female sperm, couples can “sway” the gender of their baby using natural methods. While scientists and researchers today don’t think that there is any scientific basis for the Shettles Method, and they don’t think that it works, it surely doesn’t hurt anything to try! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

X Sperm And Y Sperm

The Shettles Method is based entirely on the difference between male sperm and female sperm. There are a few things that make XX sperm and XY sperm different. Female sperm are XX sperm, and male sperm are XY sperm.

According to Dr. Shettles, X sperm (female sperm) survive longer in the cervix, and they are also slower than Y (male) sperm. Y sperm (boy sperm) are faster and smaller than X sperm (girl sperm), and they are also not as hearty, meaning that boy sperm die more easily and more quickly.

Those are the basics of the differences between sperm, and Dr. Shettles says that you can influence whether you have a boy or a girl by using those differences to your advantage.

Making A Boy Using The Shettles Method

Here is what Dr. Shettles says that you should do if you want to conceive a boy. First of all, you need to be tracking your ovulation, because when you want a boy, you have to time sexual intercourse to as close to ovulation as possible. This is because male sperm don’t live as long as female sperm, and you definitely want to make sure that the male sperm don’t die!

Try not to have sex for a few days leading up to ovulation, so that your partner will have more sperm when you do have sex. Also, Dr. Shettles advises that to make a boy, you have sex that offers the deepest penetration possible. This includes rear entry sex or woman on top sex. The point of this is to deposit the sperm as close as possible to the cervix.

More Tips For Conceiving a Boy

A few more tips for conceiving a boy, according to Dr. Shettles: make sure that the woman has an orgasm so that the vagina’s environment will shift towards a more alkaline environment since that is what male sperm prefer.

Also, make sure that guys avoid wearing tight clothes or spending time in a hot tub or sauna prior to having sex. While these things will kill both kinds of sperm, the male sperm will die out more quickly, since they are smaller. Of course, you can’t put any money on these things, but they are a fun way to try to “sway” your baby’s gender, and they won’t hurt anything to give it a shot!

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