Love & Hip-Hop’s Erica Mena Fights in NY Nail Salon

Love & Hip-Hop’s Erica Mena Fights in NY Nail Salon

Drama in the Salon

We know the girls from Love & Hip Hop are always in some sort of drama, and last month at a New York City nail salon it was no different for Erica Mena, when she got into an all out brawl with a woman. And of course, it was all caught on tape for Love & Hip Hop, naturally. Erica was at The Nail Lounge in Upper Manhattan for a party for her PrittyNPink lip gloss line, but the celebrating didn’t last long. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What Went Down?

The video, which was posted on celebrity media sites all over the internet, shows the fight’s aftermath, when the two were being separated and curses were being exchanged. However, sources that were actually at the salon at the time say that the whole fight started over, what else, a man. The blonde woman, who is identified as only “Tiffany,” apparently said something to the effect of she had been with Erica’s boyfriend in the past, and that set the ball in motion.

Who Threw the First Punch?

From what we understand, Erica threw the first punch, and things just got crazier from there. The ladies fought off people who were trying to break up the fight, including a man who stepped in the way to try to stop the drama.

The two women were rolling around on the floor, and just generally causing a giant ruckus. The fight finally seems to be over and things look like they might start calming down, and Tiffany is strongly “helped” to a back room. Erica looks like she is beginning to calm down and things might be over.. but no.. here comes Tiffany, sneaking across the room, until she pounces on Erica’s head like a cat, and it all starts all over again!

Twitter Backlash

Things finally calmed down at the salon and the women were led away, but that didn’t stop them from exchanging nasty tweets later that same night. Erica was first to let the fury fly, tweeting: “They Eat It! Then want bragging Rights! Yeah I knocked @Tiffsway The Fawk Out Tonight SOO Classic!,” she tweeted. Tiffany couldn’t stay out of it, of course, and she tweeted several responses to Erica, including this one: “@Erica_Mena What’s ur zip code?? Oh u have none..:( Where u rest ur head is ur home!! at least for that night.”

We’ll Find Out Soon

Shew, these ladies and their drama! While we don’t know the full context of the fight and what went down, Erica assures us we will find out later. In an interview with Hot 97, she confirmed that we will see the fight go down on a future Love & Hip Hop episode, but she can’t reveal too much until it comes out on the show. She did say that she is trying to move past the incident and move forward with her life. But, if we know these ladies, there will be another source of drama to contend with very soon!

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