Little Couple’s Jen Arnold Battling Cancer

Little Couple's Jen Arnold Battling Cancer

Fighting for her life

She’s a fighter, there’s no doubt about that. “The Little Couple” star Jen Arnold announced earlier this month that she is battling a rare form of cancer. The 39 year old mom of two is now undergoing chemo and doing all she can do to win the fight. In a statement emailed to the Huffington post earlier this month, Jen revealed: Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

“I have recently been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer and am currently undergoing treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy. I am very fortunate as the prognosis is good. While there is never a good time to get news like this, getting it just as we are building our new family is tough in many ways. … But being surrounded by the love of my husband and our two beautiful children is actually in many ways giving me the strength to fight it even stronger.”

The revelation

Jen, a neonatologist, and hubby Bill Klein have starred on “The Little Couple” since 2009. The show has followed their ups and downs living with Skeletal Dysplasia, and their journey to become parents. The couple adopted Will, 3, and Zoey, 2, and have settled down in Texas. People Magazine reports that at this time, the couple plans to continue filming the show and will chronicle Jen’s cancer journey as well. The cancer is called choriocarcinoma, and it is very rare. It began with a non-viable pregnancy that Jen suffered in September. Since then, the star has undergone a hysterectomy. Her cancer was diagnosed as Stage 3. However, Jen says that her doctors have assured her that her prognosis is very good.

Keeping everyone updated

Jen has been updating fans on her Twitter page, and revealed that she was supposed to begin chemotherapy before Christmas, but her blood counts were too low to start then. The good news about that was that her chemo was delayed until after the holidays, so she was able to enjoy the time with her family without feeling the bad effects from chemo. She also tweeted a photo from the hospital on Friday, December 27, saying that she was beginning her second day of inpatient chemo. Since then, she has updated fans, saying that she has been having some very “rough days”. We wish Jen (and Bill and kids) all the best and hope for a full and fast recovery for her! Our thoughts are definitely with her and her family during this very difficult time.

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