LHHATL Reunion Sneak Peek With Cast Brawling

LHHATL Reunion Sneak Peek With Scrappy, Bambi & Erica P Going At It

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Drama Time, As Usual

It’s almost time for the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Special, and you know what that means. Drama, and lots of it. We recently got to see a sneak peek of the reunion show, and the expected drama was in full swing, as usual.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

So many things happened during the reunion, and we still haven’t even gotten to find out the whole deal yet. Probably the biggest incident occurred when tensions between Stevie and Joseline and Benzino and Althea. Their feud had been brewing since last week’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” season finale. During the break, however, tensions just boiled over.

When Stevie complained about it being too hot on set, Zino made the comment to his fiance’ Althea that it was just because of all of the cocaine that Stevie had been using. The situation quickly escalated into a full on brawl, and quickly went to “to be continued”. And that was only one part of the show!

Lawsuits And Brawls

Now, the drama continues as it turns out that Althea has actually filed a lawsuit against Joseline. The lawsuit is extremely dramatic, as imagined, and claims that Joseline was using crack cocaine backstage before the reunion show, which caused her to attack Althea.

The lawsuit alleges that Joseline and Stevie J had “instigated numerous public conflicts” against Benzino and by March and April, “began making threats of physical violence against Plaintiff Eaton.”Prior to the taping, there had been rising tensions between the two couples on social media and on the show itself.

What Will Come

Once we get to see the second half of the reunion show, airing on September 1st, we will be able to see the entire fight, and presumably, the aftermath of what happened behind the scenes. According to the lawsuit, Joseline “began her assault by viciously punching Plaintiff in the face, then continued to hit and scratch her.

Defendant then pulled Plaintiff to the ground where she continued to hit and scratch Plaintiff until security personnel were able to restrain her.” Eaton “suffered a black eye, abrasions to her face and arms, and extensive bruising to her arms and legs.”

The lawsuit does not make reference to what Benzino and Althea said about cocaine use moments before Joseline attacked her.The counts against Joseline include assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages determined by a jury.Joseline ultimately attacked at least two other women on the show but I don’t think there were any criminal charges filed against Joseline.

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