LeAnn and Eddie: How Not to Take a Pregnancy Test

LeAnn and Eddie: How Not to Take a Pregnancy Test

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Hawaii Blues

In the most recent installment of “Leann and Eddie”, which also happened to be the show’s season finale, we got to see Leann freak out about possibly being pregnant, and we also got to see her show the world how not to take a pregnancy test. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The couple were on vacation in Hawaii with both sets of their parents, when Leann began to experience pregnancy symptoms. After announcing to their parents that Leann has gone off birth control but they are not “actively trying” to get pregnant, everyone begins to freak out at the possibility of Leann being pregnant.

The Waiting Game

The parents eventually run out to the drugstore to buy pregnancy tests for Leann to take, and Leann and Eddie, of course, discuss how Brandi Glanville (“Crazy” to them), would react if Leann was in fact pregnant. ‘When you bring a new baby into a blended family there’s always different concerns.

How are the kids going to react? How is the ex going to react? How is she going to talk about our child?’ contemplated LeAnn.’How do you think she’ll feel about it…you know crazy?’ LeAnn asked referencing The Real Of Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi.’I’m sure she’ll talk s*** about our baby,’ he said.

Eddie, as a good husband does, said he was ready for a baby, but his body language and actions said he was completely lying. Leann then brings out a wine glass full of her pee to show to the entire family. The entire clan then sat around waiting for the test results, which turned out to be negative. So no due date calculator for them.

Not This Time

After the test turned up negative, it was a little bit sad to watch. Leann looked very disappointed, even though Eddie seemed like he didn’t care too much. ‘A little part of me is relieved that the test was negative because I was enjoying that window of time when you’re trying and you get excited about it,’ said LeAnn who just turned 32.’My bathing suit was not ready for two lines,’ added the lithe singer in reference to the two lines that signal a pregnancy on the test.’I can go drink now,’ she laughed.

Eddie, age 41, seemed a bit disappointed as well, and insisted that he is ready to start a family of his own with Leann. ‘I would have been very, very excited if she was pregnant and one day those results are going to be positive and it’s going to be great,’ he gushed.

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